Your 5 || Highcross Leicester beauty & fashion event

Today I was invited along to Highcross Leicester for their Your 5 beauty and fashion event where fashion stylists were on hand to help you shake up your wardrobe and make up artists to help find a look that works best for you. The event is on today and tomorrow and is totally free! You can choose between fashion and beauty. To be honest it was a tough choice for me but I didn't really want a makeover in full view of all and sundry so opted for fashion. 


REN Instant brightening beauty shot eye lift

REN instant brightening beauty shot eye lift review skincare

I waited a good while before writing this post as I wanted to give this product a good trial run. I've had lot of eye creams to try just lately and was actually using one and thinking of doing a review on it when the REN Instant brightening beauty shot eye lift arrived. For a while I used both of them, one product for each eye to see how they faired against each other. Whilst the product I was initially using was VERY good, and I won't say which one it is here because this post is about REN, the beauty shot eye lift took over and became the clear winner and I've been using it ever since.


The Great Manchester runners || The Christie

On Sunday Mr C and our friends John and Sharon participated in The Great Manchester run. Mr C and I only got back from Spain very late Friday night, emptied the suitcase on the bedroom floor, got a few hours kip, then repacked and hotfooted it off to Manchester for the weekend. Talk about living life to the max!


El Tiburon hotel review || Carihuela Costa Del Sol

Hopefully you read my post about our recent trip to Spain to surprise friends. If you haven't, why? Fear not, you'll find it here. We stopped at an adults only boutique hotel in the delightful area of Carihuela on the Costa Del Sol and I thought I'd do a quick review for you. We booked through Booking.com and you know what it's like, you read all the reviews and you sometimes wonder if you've made the right choice but I have to say we enjoyed our stay at the El Tiburon.


Spring/Summer casual wear || current favourites

I say Spring, slash Summer because let's face we're still waiting for Summer aren't we? One minute the legs are out then we're covering up again! With it being chilly still with the odd day or two of sunshine thrown in I'm living in sweatshirts and jeans so thought I'd show you my latest purchases and absolute bargains to boot.


Carihuela, Spain || Surprising friends

Two weeks ago Mr C and I flew out to Spain to surprise our best friends who had booked a week away. With Spain being our second home and all that we couldn't let them be there without us. We didn't tell anyone as we didn't want to let the cat out the bag.  You don't know how hard it was not being able to tweet, or post airport selfies on Insta and Facebook, ha ha. 


All about Leicester City || Football and the rest.....

Wow. I hope you had a good weekend? The whole of Leicester City certainly did as the unimaginable happened. You may have heard that our football team only went and won the bloody Premier League and my God the celebrations blew the roof off our city. If you hadn't heard then you must have been living in a cave at the bottom of the ocean with ear plugs in! It's been totally amazing here since it became official last Monday. I'm not into football but have been taken on the joyous ride over the last couple of weeks, willing them along and even watching the matches, something I never thought I would do. I'm a Leicester girl born and bred and have never been more proud of my city. I'm thrilled for all the loyal fans who have supported them come rain or shine all the way, from the very bottom to the very top, and to watch the tears in their eyes made me a bit of an emotional wreck! None more so that watching Andrea Bocelli perform in our stadium, oh and then our team whooping Everton's arse. 

The streets are already lined with balloons, flags and banners and thousands of homes are adorned with flags and bunting. I can only imagine the celebrations yet again when the champions tour the city on the open top bus on 16th May. Sadly Mr C and I won't be here to see it as we are away. I know it will be unlike anything this city has ever seen. And so it should be. 

We waited until the aftermath had completely died down from Saturday's match and Sunday morning popped to the stadium to take some pics for this post, there were still so many people around taking photos and also press filming and reporting. Stunning day for it!


New trainers || Skechers Synergy

Skechers trainers Synergy shoe fitness

A few weeks back the new Skechers store opened in our local shopping centre (post here) and I got to chose myself a new pair of trainers. I'm trying to increase my exercise, albeit slowly, and my poor feet certainly were in desperate need of comfort to get me through classes at the gym. It was tough though choosing the right pair as Skechers have so much choice. I tried on several pairs, all different and in the end, with help from the sales assistant, settled on the Synergy- Spot on shoe*.
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