Halloween chocolate spider cakes

Halloween chocolate spider cakes

Halloween is such a fun time, no good for the waistline mind with all the sweets and cakes that fill the shelves, but it's especially great for the kids. You can make these for yourself as a treat, or to take along to a party and hey if you've got kids why not let them get involved and make some scary spider fairy cakes with a blood centre! 


Design your own wellies for Joules || Competition

I'm a big fan of Joules. I love the brights, the casuals, the outerwear, in fact everything really. They can literally dress you from top to toe with outfits to cover all occasions. I'm also a little bit proud that they come from my neck of the woods, Leicestershire. The village they are based in, and in fact have been right from the start is not a million miles away. 

The Body Shop twin-ball facial massager

The Body Shop twin ball facial massager Oils of Life review

For the last couple of weeks I've been giving my face a good workout. No, not facial yoga, although I've given that a try in the past, but a facial massage, morning and night. I was invited for a pamper session by The Body Shop recently (you can read that here) to introduce us to some new products including the new Oils of Life range. Kirstie, my fellow blogger friend had the full treatment using the Oils of Life and had a nice little massage with this little implement. The Body Shop twin-ball facial massager to be precise. 


Spain photo diary part two || Marbella, tapas and sunrises.

Brace yourselves. Here's the photo diary part two. Not quite as much alcohol you'll be relieved to hear, but then that's because I daren't allow it in too many shots!!! This diary contains pics of our time in Marbs, plenty of tapas and dreamy sunrises. If you didn't have a nosey at my photo diary, part one, you'll find it here.


Spain photo diary part one || Fun, frolics & plenty to drink

As we fall well and truly into Autumn I thought I'd bring you a bit of warmth and sunshine through some holiday snaps from our time in Spain this September. 


Pamper time with The Body Shop || Oils of Life & Spa of the World

Last week I was invited along to a pamper session at The Body Shop by the lovely Kirstie who writes over at Kimamley Beauty. To be honest I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I've never been to a Body Shop pamper session before. I just assumed they had a room somewhere where you'd be taken to be pampered and try the latest products, I didn't bank on it being in the middle of the store when it's open and full of shoppers. We introduced ourselves to Tasha who promptly seated in from of the products.
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