skinChemists Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser || Review

skinChemists review advanced snail duo moisturiser beauty skincare Priceless Life of Mine

You read that right! It does say snail moisturiser.


Middletons steakhouse & grill Leicester

Middletons review Leicester steakhouse Priceless Life of Mine

Last week Mr C and I found ourselves dining out in the St Martins area of Leicester once more. This time we were invited along to sample the menu at the new steakhouse and grill, Middletons. This is their sixth restaurant and the biggest. It's located in the former Nat West bank, a Grade II listed building that has stood empty for years, a very imposing building indeed and continues to impress as you walk inside. 


LUSH launches Christmas 2016

Lush Leicester Christmas 2016 handmade skincare The magic of Christmas

It's never too early to talk about Christmas, not for me anyway. Sorry if it is for you guys, but you'll just have to deal with it because it's that Lushmas time of year again. That time when Lush create magical lotions and potions and bath bombs galore full of sparkle and heady fragrance. 


What is a successful blogger? Am I one?

Blogosphere magazine lifestyle blogger Priceless Life of Mine

Is being a successful blogger measured by the number of followers you have or what book deal you've just signed? The answer is of course NO.


L'oréal pure clay face masks || Review

L'Oréal pure clay mask review skincare beauty Priceless Life of Mine

I've babbled on enough on this 'ere blog about how I still get spots in my forties and how much it gets me down sometimes so I've given in and picked up these masks by L'Oréal. I'd seen them around a lot   and they've been rated fairly highly so thought why not?!


Messing about on the water with some team building thrown in!

Narrowboat boating days out Leicestershire Priceless Life of Mine

A few weeks back I went up and down the local canal. On a boat obviously. It was a team building mission you see. I work in a small office and our manager had the great idea of taking a narrowboat out for the day as a team building exercise. Not that we needed it because we work very well together and we all get on like a house on fire. But hey, I'm always up for a day out so my hand was first up!


Review of the TILI beauty box from QVC October edition

TILI beauty box review QVC makeup

I'm really not sure where that last month just went to and can't believe Octobers TILI box is here already. BUT I'm damn pleased it is! I'm sure you remember me shouting about the very first beauty box from QVC and this one is just as incredible. If not more so.


French road trip (part two) || The City of Reims and Le Phare

France road trip Reims Le Phare Champagne camping Priceless Life of Mine

Cheers to day 2! 

After breakfast we zipped up the tent, jumped in the car to cool down (another 30degree day) and set off for the city of Reims. 


London Fashion Weekend - Is it worth it?

London Fashion weekend style Priceless Life of Mine

A while back Radhika and I got talking about London Fashion Week and how we'd love to go. Knowing that it'll be like forever before we get invited to THE actual fashion week we both agreed that London Fashion Weekend would be the next best thing.
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