Magazine freebies || Elemis & Eyeko

Marie Clarie Elemis Hydra-nourish Instyle Eyeko fat liquid eyeliner

Who doesn't love a magazine freebie? They're a great way to try out new products aren't they? I think the selection this month were bloody fab, although I didn't pick up the mag with the choice of Benefit brow products, I will see though if I can still get my mitts on one. Mind you, now got so much reading to catch up on!!!


My teenage love & reaching a milestone || 25 years of marriage

Yesterday (22 June, 2016) my husband and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. 25 years of being married. I shouted about it all over social media and thought I'd shout about it here too for the benefit of those that missed it! Because I am bursting with pride that I reached this milestone with the love of my life. He is my absolute soulmate, my best friend and my support system all rolled into one. He picks me up when I'm down and supports and encourages me in everything, and I mean everything I do. 


Jo Malone cologne || Nashi blossom & Blackberry & Bay

Jo Malone cologne review Nashi blossom blackberry & Bay perfume review

I am a blogger and I am now the proud owner of not one, but two Jo Malone fragrances. Every blogger and their dog seemed to have a bottle in the background of a photo or two, just there, jumping out at me every time I read a post. There's no mistaking those bottles is there?


Gibraltar || mini travel series part 1

Gibraltar travel series holiday Spain

I thought I'd kick off this mini travel series with a post about Gibraltar. This mini series will be based around the Costa Del Sol area of Spain. By 'mini' series I don't mean this post is short, because it's not, it's another photo heavy one but hopefully informative too. Nick and I have visited many times and love it here. We flew into Gibraltar for our last holiday to Spain you can read that post here. It was our first time flying into Gib. We've always gone in from Spain, over the border that way, we were praying it would be a clear day so we could see the rock as we flew in. Luck was on our side, not only was it clear, the sun shone for our arrival.


Foodies festival 2016 || Birmingham

Foodies festival Birmingham

Food, food, food. And alcohol, my favourite thing. Is it yours? There was certainly lots of it at the Foodies festival in Birmingham last Sunday. I was a guest of Vita Coco and the lovely Emma who writes over at Carpe Diem Emmie and we couldn't have asked for a better day to go around stuffing our faces, it was HOT. Well done UK, you got it right for once. Although I think that's it and we've probably said goodbye to summer!


Soap & Glory Instant sunkissed tint body lotion

Soap & Glory Righteous butter instant tan body lotion self tan beauty

With the weather being so damn shitty in the UK (nothing new there) and totally not being able to make up its mind if we'll have a summer or not, I think I can safely say none of us will be getting a decent tan any time soon, unless you're jetting off to sunnier climes of course. So what better time to tell you about this little beaut. 


Ladies day at Nottingham races

Nottingham racecourse Ladies Day horseracing

I'm a little later than I'd hoped posting this one, sorry and all that. A couple of weeks back we trotted off (pardon the pun) to Ladies day at Nottingham race course with friends Sarah and Mike. Ok, so it's not quite Ladies Day at Royal Ascot (still hoping to get there again this year!) but it was a brilliant day, helped along by the sunny weather.


Flying in to Gibraltar & why we decided to stay in Spain

**ALERT: Long one again!**

Long before we had arranged our first trip to Spain which was around 4 weeks ago, this one had been booked. Mr C actually booked the flights into Gibraltar, and a hotel a long time ago and did it as a surprise for me. Okay, okay, I'm a lucky girl, I know that. He had to tell me beforehand though as I needed to book the time off work. Mr C and I have visited Gibraltar more times than we care to remember, we were always popping there for the cheap booze and cigarettes when we lived in Spain some years ago, err...... the cigarettes were for others but the booze was most definitely for us!!! LOL.

Anyway, we flew out on the day our city and football team celebrated winning the Premier league, did you hear about that? Think they heard our screams down under. We were gutted to be missing the party but happier to be on a plane to sunnier climes. We did a toast to them somewhere over the Bay of Biscay mind.

For those that don't know Mr C and I will have been married for 25 years on 22nd June, what an achievement hey? I've heard all the "you get longer for murder" comments, they're getting boring now. We were planning a big holiday but for various reasons that can't happen this year (next year though) so we're trying to get in a few short breaks, and as I said this was a surprise one! 

Not only was the trip a surprise, there was another little one when we got to Birmingham airport. I was starving and wanted to go to Maccies on the way to the airport for food but Mr C skirted around the subject mumbling something about getting something a bit later. Wasn't long till I found out why. He'd booked us into the No1 lounge that's why! Now I also understood why he wanted to get to the airport even earlier than usual, we could have three hours in there before our departure. Three hours to drink all the complimentary wine, and fill our faces with all the food. ALL the food. 
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