Up in the Peaks

During my birthday week Mr C and I took a day trip up to the Peak District. For those that don't know, especially those overseas, it's a huge National Park spanning parts of Central and Northern England, an area of natural beauty with moors and rivers, towns and quaint little villages. There's so much to do. For more info click here.


And they're orf !!

I've never been horse racing. So, as a birthday treat and this being a year of first's and all, off we went to Nottingham race track.


My new Mulberry baby

You may have seen a sneaky peek that I had a new baby for my birthday earlier this month. Not a live,  fresh, wriggly one but a new handbag kinda baby.


New look about town

Hey there, just wanted to let y'all know that there's been a few changes around here. Didn't want you to think you'd arrived at the wrong place!


My birthday week

So officially you're birthday is only for one day, unless you're the Queen of course. Hell, I actually went one better than Queenie with my birthday spanning a whole week!


Malaga City (part two)

Where were we? Oh yeah, on the open top bus tour around the city. Grab a cold San Miguel and join us on our trip to Gibralfaro Castle (Malaga Castle).


Malaga City (part one)

Mid week Mr C and I decided to hop on the train and head into Malaga city for the day. The trains over there are great for getting around, fab clean service and amazingly cheap.


Spain (part two)

Another day, another selfie.


Spain, just the two of us. (part one)

Right from the off I'm going to tell you this is a big one so I will break it down into three, maybe even four separate posts for you guys, not that you'll get bored and switch off, obviously not, why would you, but there's so much to show you it'll be easier in bite size pieces.


New wedges.....it's the law.

Because summer is here it is law that you have to buy a new pair of wedges for your feet!


A little peek into my sunny Sunday

The sun had got it's hat on, hip hip hip hooray! So we went out to play. In our garden that is. Mr C was very good and got up early to take Emily to work and then go to the gym for the morning, impressive on a Sunday. I got to have a leisurely crawl out of my pit, not go to the gym, eat breakfast and slob out until Mr c got back. First off we popped to Tesco to grab a few foodie bits but also picked up these retro glasses along the way. Perfect for summer in the garden. I did originally have a pink one (my fave) but found it had a crack in it so had to swop for another yellow, bummer! I will get a pink one.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume

Last week I purchased some new products from the John Frieda Luxurious volume collection to try and help with my fine, flat, limp hair! Since Christmas I have been using Ojon volume advance shampoo and conditioner as they were a gift from Santa. Now, I do love the Ojon duo and they work wonders in giving my limpness the boost it needs but they are a tad on the expensive side. I'm very fortunate in that I only need to wash my hair every 4/5 days (lucky or what? and I actually hate washing my hair) so more costly products last me a heck of a lot longer, but I have a real problem with the Ojon conditioner which comes in a tall bottle and is so thick you just cannot get the last bits of the conditioner out no matter how hard you try so for that reason I will not be buying it again.
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