Blogger friends || Virtual or reality?

Well it's 31st December and another year is coming to a rapid close. It's that time to reflect again isn't it and look back at the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm gonna leave the bad and the ugly out of this one and just talk about the good things that have come my way because of blogging. And that's friends. Whether they be virtual or real friends, they're my friends. My family often joke that I have 'pretend' friends, the ones who are not really there and ones I will never see in person. Yes, they are my online friends but that doesn't mean they're not around to listen and offer advice. 


Winter casuals featuring turtle necks & lift & shape jeans!

winter casuals fashion New Look M&Co jeans Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

Keeping it casual is my thing! Don't get me wrong I love to play dress up (no, get your mind out the gutter, not in that way!) but you can't beat casual for everyday chilling can you? I'm really loving big, hang over your hands type jumpers right now and this light grey turtle neck is my fave. It's from New Look and comes in at a bargain £9.99.


Throwing on the comfy clothes & winding down (a little)

Time to chill Topshop Neppy joggers Primark Christmas jumper Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

Phew...... it's been a hectic few weeks. We've been really busy helping our daughter get ready to go to France for the ski season (she flew out last weekend & we're missing her like mad already!) Add Christmas into the mix and it all becomes a bit bonkers, I've felt like a headless chicken in all honesty, BUT, things are slowly coming together and I'm feeling a little calmer, I think ! đŸ˜€


Feeling festive with Baileys Eggnog

Baileys eggnog Christmas Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

It's now just a week before Christmas and I know we're all asking the same question, "how the hell did that happen?" but it's here so do you fancy some eggnog?


SkinChemists Advanced Caviar range

SkinChemists Advanced Caviar range anti-ageing Pricelesslife Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

I've worked with SkinChemists before when I tried the Snail Duo moisturiser (which you can read about here) and they recently got in touch to see if I would like to try a couple of items from their Advanced Caviar range. The name of the range alone oozes quality and luxury and it doesn't disappoint.


Follione to help with hair loss & maximise growth

Follione review hair growth hair loss Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

As I've gotten older I've most definitely noticed a change in the condition of my hair. Slow down in growth, quite drastically actually, thinning, breakage and more split ends. The slow down in growth I've really noticed over the last 4/5 years, it just doesn't to want to grow at all and I don't like.


Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection || KIM KW

Charlotte Tilbury review KIM K.W Hot Lips collection Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

A little while back I bought a lipstick from the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips collection in the shade Secret Salma as I wanted to try a shade that was a tad brighter, more daring, for me anyway. Whilst there though my eyes automatically drifted to my usual go-to shades, NUDE and I made a mental note to try the shade KIM K.W the next time round. It had my name written all over it, well Kim's, but yeah.


Afternoon Tea at The Exchange in Leicester

The Exchange Leicester Bottomless Sunday Afternoon tea Priceless Life of Mine over 40 lifestyle blog

I'm quite partial to afternoon tea and I've had a few, but this one was special in more ways than one. My lovely friend Emmie from Carpe Diem Emmie won afternoon tea for two in an Instagram competition and decided to take me along with her as her date for the afternoon, which was super nice as we hadn't seen each other for a little while and not really had the chance to have a good natter outside of the regular blogger events. 


Vuelio Blog Awards 2016 ||The Brewery London

Vuelio blog awards London Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

Last Friday I found myself at the Vuelio blog awards in London. To be honest when I got the email invite I thought they'd sent the invite to me by mistake and it was meant for someone else. But no, it was for little old me. Turns out my friend Radhika from Radhika Recommends had also had an invite so we decided to go together, stay over and make the most of it. Bring on the party!


France (Part three) || Épernay, La Maison Mercier & more champagne

France travel blog Mercier champagne Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

Rather than kick this one off with a glass of champagne I thought I'd bring you a barrel of the stuff, a bloody great huge one! :). Welcome to the La Maison Mercier. As I said in my previous posts (you'll find them here & here) we did a little planning before we left the UK and knew we wanted to visit the Mercier champagne house without a doubt. Situated towards the end of the Avenue de Champagne, it's easily accessible with lots of space to park too.


Toppik brow building fibres

Toppik brow building fibres review eyebrows Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

We all want those full, arched, defined eyebrows don't we? Well, I certainly do and there are so many products out there now to help us achieve the look we're going for. With brands galore offering powers, pencils, wax, fibres, there's something to suit everyone. I've tried lots of different products but not fibres so when Toppik got in touch to ask if I wanted to try their brow fibres I jumped at the chance. It was hard for me to choose between dark brown or medium because mine are sort of in between but I opted for the dark brown as I didn't want the medium to end up too light and look a bit odd.


Thoughts on the Smashbox Always on Matte liquid lipstick & Be Legendary lipstick

Smashbox lipstick makeup Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

I've been meaning to get this post up for a few weeks but you know what it's like don't you? All good intentions and that! Anyway, I (finally) want to shout about these NEW lipsticks from Smashbox. Back in September Smashbox arranged an event for the Thirty Plus collective to showcase some new products but of course not everyone, including me, could attend, so, they gave Hayley a selection of lipsticks to give out to some that couldn't make it. We had to comment on the Thirty Plus FB page and names would be drawn at random. Guess what? My name was pulled out and I genuinely never 'win' anything so I was chuffed to bits.


Getting all festive at BrĂ¼ Leicester Tasty treats on the new menu

Bru Leicester review festive menu cake coffee

I was gutted that I couldn't attend the Christmas blogger event at BrĂ¼ last year, so to bag an invite to this years was the best. Ya'll know I love Christmas, I mean really love it, so to hear that BrĂ¼ had organised another night of sampling their new festive menu got me all kinds of excited. It was such a lovely time to get together with other bloggers, chat and stuff our faces. What's not to love about that? Lots of you will know of BrĂ¼ coffee & gelato and will have paid them a visit (if not shame on you!) but if not it's THE best independent coffee shop in our city that stands out against all the others.


All the excitement of the races

Leicester racecourse review Priceless Life of Mine

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the races and it sure did brighten up a dull Monday! I've been to the Nottingham race track on a couple of occasions but never to my local one. Myself and a plus one were invited along to race day at the Leicester racecourse and to enjoy a three course lunch in the Nelson suite restaurant


Autumn feels with camel and Burberry

Autumn fashion Burberry scarf Priceless Life of Mine

I love Autumn. It brings with it a familiar feeling every year. Dappled sunlight, golden leaves scattered everywhere, long country walks and sitting by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate getting your fingers and toes all toasty! With the traditions of Halloween and Bonfire night we always know what we have to look forward to don't we and it makes me feel warm and cosy inside. I love the fashion side of Autumn too, boots, chunky knits, layering, winter coats and scarves. By scarf I mean a Burberry scarf! Did I mention I picked one up at London Fashion weekend? Yep, the one I'm modelling in this here fashion shoot! It was it's first outing so I thought I'd show you lot what I wore it with.


skinChemists Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser || Review

skinChemists review advanced snail duo moisturiser beauty skincare Priceless Life of Mine

You read that right! It does say snail moisturiser.


Middletons steakhouse & grill Leicester

Middletons review Leicester steakhouse Priceless Life of Mine

Last week Mr C and I found ourselves dining out in the St Martins area of Leicester once more. This time we were invited along to sample the menu at the new steakhouse and grill, Middletons. This is their sixth restaurant and the biggest. It's located in the former Nat West bank, a Grade II listed building that has stood empty for years, a very imposing building indeed and continues to impress as you walk inside. 


LUSH launches Christmas 2016

Lush Leicester Christmas 2016 handmade skincare The magic of Christmas

It's never too early to talk about Christmas, not for me anyway. Sorry if it is for you guys, but you'll just have to deal with it because it's that Lushmas time of year again. That time when Lush create magical lotions and potions and bath bombs galore full of sparkle and heady fragrance. 


What is a successful blogger? Am I one?

Blogosphere magazine lifestyle blogger Priceless Life of Mine

Is being a successful blogger measured by the number of followers you have or what book deal you've just signed? The answer is of course NO.


L'oréal pure clay face masks || Review

L'Oréal pure clay mask review skincare beauty Priceless Life of Mine

I've babbled on enough on this 'ere blog about how I still get spots in my forties and how much it gets me down sometimes so I've given in and picked up these masks by L'OrĂ©al. I'd seen them around a lot   and they've been rated fairly highly so thought why not?!


Messing about on the water with some team building thrown in!

Narrowboat boating days out Leicestershire Priceless Life of Mine

A few weeks back I went up and down the local canal. On a boat obviously. It was a team building mission you see. I work in a small office and our manager had the great idea of taking a narrowboat out for the day as a team building exercise. Not that we needed it because we work very well together and we all get on like a house on fire. But hey, I'm always up for a day out so my hand was first up!


Review of the TILI beauty box from QVC October edition

TILI beauty box review QVC makeup

I'm really not sure where that last month just went to and can't believe Octobers TILI box is here already. BUT I'm damn pleased it is! I'm sure you remember me shouting about the very first beauty box from QVC and this one is just as incredible. If not more so.


French road trip (part two) || The City of Reims and Le Phare

France road trip Reims Le Phare Champagne camping Priceless Life of Mine

Cheers to day 2! 

After breakfast we zipped up the tent, jumped in the car to cool down (another 30degree day) and set off for the city of Reims. 


London Fashion Weekend - Is it worth it?

London Fashion weekend style Priceless Life of Mine

A while back Radhika and I got talking about London Fashion Week and how we'd love to go. Knowing that it'll be like forever before we get invited to THE actual fashion week we both agreed that London Fashion Weekend would be the next best thing.


Outfit of the Day for London Fashion Weekend

I thought I'd quickly show you my outfit from London Fashion Weekend. I attended on the Friday with Radhika from Radhika Recommends and we both had a fab day. Even though our feet were on fire from all the standing and walking we managed to find ourselves a side street with the most beautiful houses for our backdrop and of course Radhika and I were picking which one we wanted to live in. In all honesty we must have taken these shots in five seconds flat with Mr C's assistance, as we were desperate to rest our feet and get some food in our bellies!


French road trip (part one) || Camping in Guignicourt

Let me tell you about our little adventure. A mini road trip if you will. We crammed quite a lot in so I'm breaking it down into 2 or 3 posts.


Best of BECCA blushed radiance kit review || Beauty

BECCA review Flowergirl blusher highlighter QVC Backlight priming filter

I dipped my toe into the world of BECCA cosmetics late last year. They're known for their highlighters aren't they and every Tom, Dick and Harry was talking about champagne pop so I took the plunge, ordered it all the way from the states, and I was hooked! Then a few weeks back I bought the TILI beauty box which had the BECCA backlight priming filter in it and I fell in love with that too, so, when my friend Sarah told me about yet another offer on QVC I knew I had to have it. That's the reason I love QVC so much, you can try anything, all the make up and if you don't like it you can send it back within 30 days. You can't say fairer than that can you?


Time for tea || What's your bag?

tea matcha teapigs Priceless Life of Mine

I love my tea. We have some much of the stuff in our house. All different varieties and flavours. However, they're not mine. The belong to my son Tom. Me? I'm just a regular tea-bag kinda girl. Dunk it and go. If you know me you know I like it not too strong, no builders tea that you can stand your spoon up in, but not too milky, somewhere in the middle, just right! I could start a debate here about whether the milk goes in first or last, but we'll not bother because it's first!! :)


ZO skin Health & my new beauty regime

ZO Skin health Obagi skincare cosmeceuticals Anti-aging Priceless Life of Mine

Skin. We've all got it. Yet everyone's is very different. I don't like mine at all although I've got it till the bitter end so I'm doing my best to look after it but it often makes me work hard and makes me despair sometimes. You may think that sounds really dramatic but it's not. My friend Sarah knows exactly where I'm coming from with this as we have more or less the same skin type that just doesn't seem to behave itself no matter what you do. We both have crappy skin and I know she won't mind me saying that as we're often comparing the size of our spots!  :( (True friends)


Calke Abbey || The Un-stately Home

Calke Abbey National Trust Priceless Life of Mine

Mr C and I took a trip out the other day. We've been saying for a long time that we should visit Calke Abbey as it's fairly close to where we live but never managed it, well, that's now ticked off the list.


Parure Gold from Guerlain, my number 1 foundation right now || Beauty

Guerlain Parure gold foundation skin makeup cosmetics

I have issues with foundation. And foundation has issues with me. Well, my skin, not me personally. Right from being a teenager I've struggled to find THE one for me. I've always had oily skin, spotty skin, and dull-ish skin, my I was blessed with shit skin wasn't I? Thanks mother. Every foundation always ending up sliding off my face by midday. All I've ever wanted is one that covers all those troublesome blemishes, looks flawless and natural and makes you glow. Not too much to ask is it?! Oh and one more thing, it mustn't make my ever increasing wrinkles more obvious.


Primark arrives at Fosse Park Leicester

Primark Leicester Fosse Park lifestyle fashion

Last Thursday I was invited, along with local press to the opening of the latest Primark store in Leicester. This store has been a long time coming and everyone I know has been looking forward to and longing for it to be open. It was quite exciting being shown in by security and taken up to the staff area for coffee and croissants. It was an early-ish start let me say, we had to be there for 8.45am and I'd left really early to pick up fellow blogger buddies and none of us had breakfast before we left. The coffee was very welcome I can tell you! The celebratory cake in the shot below was made by a member of staff, a manager I think, how bloody amazing is that?!


East Midlands Blogger meet up

East Midlands meet-up Leicester

The other weekend I attended a local meet up. Not an event or invitation from a brand but a meet up arranged by some of our local bloggers. It had been in the planning for quite some time and Emma, Kirsty, Kirstie and Lianne worked tirelessly to bring it all together and make it happen. This was no small meet up either, some 40 bloggers had put their name down and everyone turned up! It was held at Manhattan 34, a trendy cocktail bar in the cultural quarter of Leicester city centre. 


RUSH hair comes to Leicester

RUSH Leicester hair salon

A new salon has arrived in Leicester. RUSH. Located on High Street in the city centre so it's easily accessible for everyone. Last week I was invited down to their preview event so we could have a chat about their shiny new salon and talk all things hair!


TILI beauty box first edition from QVC

TILI beauty box QVC review

Say hello to the first edition beauty box from QVC. TILI. I love the name and it stands for Try it, Love it. I love a good beauty box, allowing you to sample products before you part with cash for the full size, only to find it's not really for you. I'm a big fan of the Latest In Beauty boxes but I've a feeling these TILI boxes will be right up there too. I am literally excited by every single one of the products in this box. 


Afternoon tea at The Ritz in London



Summer Food Fest at Highcross Leicester

Highcross Leicester Summer food fest

The Summer Food Fest hit Leicester this week offering discounts, demos and samples in the Highcross shopping centre. I was kindly invited down on Monday evening with a small group of local bloggers to celebrate the festival. We were in for a treat, and kick started our dining with starters at Pizza express.


Making eyes with KIKO || Beauty

KIKO mascara eyeliner eyes makeup

Back in May when we had our (two) holidays to Spain, first one here and second one here I popped in Kiko. When I say 'popped' it was nothing of the sort really. We were down in Marbella for the day and I knew they had a store there. I wrongly assumed it would be in the town. Oh no, that would be too easy wouldn't it?! Mr C tapped it in the sat nav, which we both assumed (wrongly) would get us there quick smart. Wrong again. It took us on a tour, up hills, down what look like dirt tracks and off up the mountains (more or less). Anyway to cut a long story short we got there eventually to my total excitement. You see I was after a particular product, a facial self tanner to be exact. Bloody discontinued wasn't it. I obviously didn't want it to be a wasted journey so I forced myself to shop for other items. I probably didn't need anything but, you know!!!


Bloggers BIG night out with Meridian Leisure Leicester

Meridian Leisure Park, Leicester, entertainment

A few weeks back I had an email invite I could not refuse. Several bloggers were invited to Meridian Leisure Park in Leicester for a night of food, drinks and entertainment. I mean who would turn that down?! We were able to take a plus one so Emily came along to join in the fun.


Farringdon & Forbes || The new name in luxury home fragrance

Farringdon & Forbes, luxury home fragrance, candles, Birmingham

The other week a select group of bloggers were invited to an event at Farringdon & Forbes, the new luxury home fragrance brand on the block. Located in Resorts World Birmingham the store oozes style and elegance and is definitely the type of store to lure me in without hesitation.


L'Occitane En Provence || Celebrating 40 years

L'Occitane En Provence, beauty, skincare, Highcross Leicester,

The other week myself and the local blogger crew were invited down to L'Occitane in Highcross, Leicester to help celebrate the fact that this luxury skincare brand have been around for 40 years!! I've been a fan of L'Occitane for a few years, mainly fragrance and body products so this was one event I was not going to turn down. 


40 plus but I'll wear what I like including off the shoulder

40 plus but I'll wear what I like, off the shoulder, fashion #iwillwearwhatilike

As an older woman we are often 'told' what we should and shouldn't be wearing, with the "ooh aren't you a bit too old to be wearing that" and the "I wouldn't wear it" comments. Why am I too old? Who said so? Why should I wear 'age appropriate' fashion? Age appropriate???? I'm not ready for twin-sets and pearls just yet even though I am rapidly approaching the BIG 5.0!!! Fashion has no age limit and I will wear what the hell I like. That feeling has been reinforced by the fabulous Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb who is a total inspiration and encourages woman to wear what they like and shout about it. At the age of 47 I have given up worrying about what other people think and to be honest I've become more fashion conscious as I've gotten older funnily enough. And I love it. The lovely Catherine set up an Instagram campaign and weekly link up, #iwillwearwhatilike encouraging us to link up our fabulous style photos and posts and I was literally typing this very post up when her latest link up email came through and guess what it's for this week? The cold shoulder and off the shoulder trend, I'm featuring both in this post so it couldn't be more appropriate!


Floral and Lace bomber jacket || Fashion

F&F bomber jacket lace floral fashion

Here we go with another fashion post. Sorry they've been a bit few and far between. I really want to do more but I just don't feel very comfortable in front of the camera you see, and as Mr C often tells me, I'm just not that photogenic, and that's not cruel, it's true, he has to take at least 200 shots to get two or three decent ones! But, as I've picked up a few new items recently I thought I'd get back in Britain's Next Top model mode and strut my stuff down the country lane.


LUSH Ultrabland facial cleanser

LUSH ultrabland review skincare cleanser natural organic

I have to tell you about my love for this cleanser. Back in May when we were going on holiday to Spain I realised I had run out of my regular cleanser that I use for my first cleanse. We were only taking hand luggage and knew I could only take a small pot or tube anyway so when passing my local LUSH store I popped in. I'm going to hold my hands up here and tell you I was being real sneaky because all I wanted was for them to give me a tester pot with a cleanser in it as I knew that would get me by the week I was away and I'd sort a new cleanser when I got back. I had no intention of buying a cleanser from LUSH that day. Bad I know, but look, you know I pride myself on honesty on this blog! However LUSH came good in the end and I redeemed myself because I fell in love with it and after I got back from my holiday I went and got the small size and I have just in fact repurchased for a second time with the larger size. That's the thing with LUSH, they're always more than happy to give out samples which is just the best, it's great to find out what works for you without wasting your hard earned cash.


Bodega Cantina review || St Martins Square Leicester

Bodega Cantina review food Leicester St Martins Midlands

Last week I was invited to another restaurant preview/press launch in Leicester. Bodega Cantina is the newest addition to the Bodega family, with one already in Birmingham and Worcester. It's located in St Martins Square which is fast becoming a foodies delight. Not only is it home to a growing collection of independent eateries, there are also plenty of bars and individual boutique stores too. 


Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection and Cheek to Chic || Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick review hot lips collection blusher cheek to chic

Whilst in London last weekend I made it my mission to head to the Charlotte Tilbury store in Covent Garden. I didn't own a single item and wanted to get myself a lipstick. Don't ask me why a lipstick, I've seen so much of her make up on social media and in blog reviews, there's so much I'd love but thought a lipstick was a good place to start.


The White Party London 2016 || Safety in Beauty Awards

This time last week Mr C and I were on our way to London for the weekend and beyond excited to be attending The White Party at The Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden. We bought tickets to the prestigious event organised by Antonia Mariconda, featuring the Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards. This was our first year attending the party (I bought tickets last year but had to pull out at the last minute sadly) and wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it would be a glamourous affair, this is Antonia we're talking about after all, and we weren't disappointed. It was a room full of truly beautiful people.


Jo Malone Marthe Armitage Limited Edition Candle || Green Tomato Leaf

Jo Malone Marthe Armitage review limited edition green tomato leaf candle

I'm fast becoming a Jo Malone fan after getting my first fragrances in Gibraltar. Mr C spoilt me rotten by getting me two and then only went and topped it off recently by getting me a Jo Malone candle for my birthday. BUT, not just a regular Jo Malone candle, not that there is anything regular about any Jo Malone candle of course, but the limited edition green tomato leaf candle and oh my God it is sensational!


New Summer menu for The Kitchen at The Cookie Leicester

Last week a group of us Leicester bloggers were invited down to The Cookie to sample the new summer menu at The Kitchen. The Cookie is a well known music and comedy venue in the heart of the city with The Attic situated upstairs (serving up the most fabulous cocktails) and The Kitchen, the restaurant side of things obviously, on the ground floor. It was celebrations all round as it was The Attics first birthday and The Kitchen were celebrating being open six months. We actually went along  to the launch of The Kitchen earlier in the year and you can catch that post here if you'd like. 


Magazine freebies || Elemis & Eyeko

Marie Clarie Elemis Hydra-nourish Instyle Eyeko fat liquid eyeliner

Who doesn't love a magazine freebie? They're a great way to try out new products aren't they? I think the selection this month were bloody fab, although I didn't pick up the mag with the choice of Benefit brow products, I will see though if I can still get my mitts on one. Mind you, now got so much reading to catch up on!!!


My teenage love & reaching a milestone || 25 years of marriage

Yesterday (22 June, 2016) my husband and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. 25 years of being married. I shouted about it all over social media and thought I'd shout about it here too for the benefit of those that missed it! Because I am bursting with pride that I reached this milestone with the love of my life. He is my absolute soulmate, my best friend and my support system all rolled into one. He picks me up when I'm down and supports and encourages me in everything, and I mean everything I do. 


Jo Malone cologne || Nashi blossom & Blackberry & Bay

Jo Malone cologne review Nashi blossom blackberry & Bay perfume review

I am a blogger and I am now the proud owner of not one, but two Jo Malone fragrances. Every blogger and their dog seemed to have a bottle in the background of a photo or two, just there, jumping out at me every time I read a post. There's no mistaking those bottles is there?
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