Rosa Mer Collection from Browns

Rosa mer collection morganite & diamond rose gold studs in box

If you're thinking about gift ideas for someone very special this Christmas, look no further, I have just the thing for you. These incredible morganite and diamond earrings from Browns. I was going to feature them in some sort of gift guide but I'm waiting for other items and to be fair these beauties deserve a post all of their own!


ARK skincare - beautiful skin at any age

We all know our skin changes as the years roll by and what our skin needed in our 20's and 30's is very different to what it needs in our 40's and 50's. There are so many options out there it's sometimes hard to know where to start. ARK are a new skincare brand that treat primarily by age but also by skin concern, making things a lot simpler!


Breakfast at Tiffany's New York

Breakfast at Tiffanys \ New York \ croissants and fruit

When we booked our trip to New York I didn't realise that having breakfast at Tiffany's was a thing. We had joined a Facebook group called NYC the place to be (an absolute must to join if you're planing a trip BTW) and someone was talking about it on there. The minute I read about it, I needed to get a reservation. That's the difficult part. 


My current double cleanse routine

Cerave hydrating cleanser and Ultrabland oil based cleanser from Lush

Are you a double cleanser?


Exploring Birmingham & what the city has to offer

The city of Birmingham is about an hours drive from where I live in Leicestershire and I've been a few times before but it's always been a bit of a rush visit. This trip was little different. This time we went there to explore and delve in to find out what the city has to offer besides it's great shopping.


Practically Perfect Styling with Lorna Luxe & In The Style

I am rapidly approaching 50. Yep, 50 years of age. How the hell did this happen? Seems like only 5 minutes ago I was celebrating my 30th birthday. It doesn't bother me in the slightest to be fair, just wish time would slow down a little that's all.


Medik8 crystal retinal 6 | Review

Medik8 crystal retinal 6

When it comes to skincare and giving your wrinkles a helping hand, you need some form of retinoid. It's the superstar ingredient to help reverse, prevent and repair the signs of ageing. Now retinol (vitamin A) comes in many forms, from retinol esters to retinoic acid and I'm no skin expert at all but I do know that it's always best to start with the lower strength when you first start dabbling with a vitamin A product. 


Body care with Sesderma | Review

Sesderma Atopises and Acglicolic body milks

I think I look after the skin on my face pretty well, yet I neglect the skin on my body so much!! I exfoliate it occasionally and every now and then I'll slather on some body lotion but I've never been one of these women that do it religiously. I want to get out of the shower, dry and go.


Evening escape - Eden Hall Spa in Nottinghamshire

external view of Eden Hall and gardens, formally Middleton House

Being able to escape the daily grind and relax, even for a few hours, is the best feeling right? Life sometimes takes over and even though we steal half an hour here and there for some pamper time at home it's not quite the same as a spa visit is it? So, when I was invited along to Eden Hall with Emmie for their evening escape I jumped at the chance! I'd been wanting to go to this spa for so long.


Exploring Rome

Picture in front of the Colosseum taken from Palatine Hill

Rome - such an iconic city. Steeped in history, a mix of beautiful architecture and ruins almost everywhere you turn.
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