March best buys and one not so!

I don't very often do a 'what I bought this month' or 'monthly favourites', in fact I think I've probably only done this one from Feb 2015! I just get on with using things as I buy them and forget to do a round up or I do individual posts on certain items. Besides which I don't buy enough each month to make it a regular post, some months I'll pick up a few bits and others hardly anything at all. March was month for picking up a few of said bits!


My two skin saviours this week Garnier micellar & Eucerin Aquaphor

You may have seen on my social media that last Thursday I had my first session of micro needling. Yep, that one that leaves your face all covered in blood and looking like an extra from a horror movie! I will be blogging about it at a later date along with some fairly scary pics but for now I wanted to share with you my two skin saviours from this last week that have got me through the aftermath of the treatment.


Skechers arrives in Highcross Leicester

This Good Friday saw the opening of Skechers in the Highcross shopping centre in Leicester. The shopping centre has attracted yet another great brand bringing top quality footwear for men, women and children.


Magnitone Barefaced cleansing brush review

Magnitone barefaced cleansing brush review

Everyone seems to have the Magnitone cleansing brush, and now so do I and I don't feel like I'm missing out anymore! In truth I only got mine because it was on offer on QVC, on their easy pay so it broke down the cost for me.


Danique Leicester || My experience

Last week I went to get my hair cut. No biggie you might say, but for those who know me, know that a trip to the hairdressers is not something I enjoy. I know, I know I'm a bit weird as most women I know love having their hair washed with head massage thrown in, a beautiful cut and blow dry, and generally being all round pampered. Err...not me. I've never come out of a hairdressers totally happy with what they've done, you know, how they've styled it, I ALWAYS go straight home after and re-do it myself. About a year ago I ended up with wonky hair, how, I do not know, hairdressers have been trying to put it right since but I'm too scared to let them level it up as I don't want to loose much length. Catch 22..... :(


Glamour Spring edit beauty box || Latest In Beauty

Glamour Spring edit beauty box review Latest in Beauty

Yay, Spring is literally around the corner, a time when lots of us ladies like to give our make-up, skin and hair care products a little bit of a re-fresh for the new season. Well, thanks to Latest in Beauty you can do just that without it breaking the bank. I love ordering from them, I think this is about my fifth box now, and the reason I love it so is because you can order as and when you like, no subscription needed here! My last one was the Harley Street box, and the one before that was the 2015 Summer edit box.


Wagamama review || Date night

On Friday Mr C and I went on a date night, something that we've not done in a long long time. There are so many places to eat in our local town that we really should try but come the weekend we've either go something else on or are just so tired and can't be bothered to move from the sofa. We had a table booked for 7.30pm at Wagamama in Highcross Leicester.


Primark checked shirt dress

Primark checked shirt dress

You know how I had a little bit of a Primark haul the other week and that I've a thing about dresses, well, here is dress number two! Dress number one was included in my Three favourites post.


Northern Cobbler // Brew and Brogues

Yay, coffee and shoes, my two favourite things, well, I have other favourite things but these are just two of them! The other week I was invited along to the SS16 launch at Northern Cobbler in the Clarendon Park area of Leicester. Shoes and coffee? It's a yes form me. 


Essie nail polish // Sand Tropez

Essie nail polish sand tropez review

I want to introduce you to an Essie nail colour I've had on my nails more or less constantly since I bought it about a month ago. 
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