Gingham off the shoulder from F&F

F&F Tesco gingham off the shoulder top fashion Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

Gingham is everywhere right now, a big trend for this Spring. And, yes this was the dullest, grey day ever, so forgive the shitty photos but just had to go with, arghh.....dilemmas of a UK fashion blogger! Bloody British weather. 


When my virtual blogger friend became my real friend

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Styling the biker jacket & Lace

biker jacket fashion Miss Selfridge H&M style trend Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

I love that we're getting some Spring-like weather and can shed the big heavy winter coats in favour of something lighter. 


Skin Chemists bee venom facial serum

SkinChemists review bee venom facial serum skincare Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

Spring seems like a really good time to ramp up your skincare and I know you guys will love this bee venom facial serum from Skin Chemists that I've been putting through its paces for the last couple of weeks.  


LUSH Oatifix fresh face mask || Hello hydration!

Lush review Oatifix fresh face mask skincare beauty Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

You can't beat an at home pamper session and I love a face mask as much as the next girl, taking time out for yourself to relax and refresh is the best isn't it? Unless you can afford a spa treatment, then I guess that's actually the best, but hey ho! I use a face mask on a regular basis, most definitely once, maybe even twice a week, and there are plenty out there that I 'like', the odd one I've purchased again, others not at all. The Oatifix fresh face mask from Lush, I LOVE and I don't say that lightly. My God it's amazing. 
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