BECCA under eye brightening corrector || Review

BECCA cosmetics under eye brightening corrector review

Let me introduce you to the BECCA under eye brightening corrector. Could this be the answer to my prayers in the under eye department? I got wind of this this from the lovely Tracey at Face Up Beauty. It's been around for a little while but I missed it, story of my life! For a long, long time I used the YSL touch ├ęclat and it served me well, but over the last couple of years, due to heavy medication the skin around my eyes had become very dehydrated and lined and because of that I found it didn't suit my needs anymore. So, I thought I'd give this beauty a go, anything that can make me look half alive has got to be good! 


Salted caramel, Cinnamon and apple puffs

This is the easiest recipe ever!!!! A big shout out and all the credit goes to Rosie from The Londoner, who put this recipe up on her blog very recently. I'm not a great baker and even I thought this would be easy to do. However, I currently only have the use of one arm and being very impatient, you know, like wanting to make them yesterday, I enlisted the help of Mr C who was actually more than willing! He does like a bit of baking.


Christmas candle selection

Christmas candles giftguide

We all love candles, right? I'm a bit of a candle addict, and this addiction gets more out of control come Autumn and Winter! In my eyes a house is not a home without fragranced candles. There's something so comforting having these fragrances wafting around your home, especially Christmas candles, they make you feel all warm and cosy on these cold, bleak nights, spreading Christmas sparkle everywhere. Can you tell I'm a bit excited about Christmas? It's those amazing aromas that go hand in hand with Christmas time, cinnamon, spices, fruits, pine, all evoking special memories and preparing you for the festivities ahead. For that very reason I thought it about time to share a selection of Christmas candles. We're putting up our tree next weekend, it takes me forever as I'm such a perfectionist but I love it, I don't mind spending all day with carols playing, something alcoholic to help you along and fragranced Christmas candles burning away bringing Christmas alive. I'm getting that warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about it!


Afternoon tea and the beginnings of Christmas

Last Friday, the day before my surgery I met up with my mum, Aunties, and cousins. My sister sadly couldn't make it as she has gone and got her dream job, so not sad for her at all in any way, but we're sad she can't now make Fridays! Anyway we were planning our usual trip to Gates Nurseries in Oakham, Leicestershire to check out their amazing Christmas department (don't tell anyone but I've already been a couple of times) and thought why not push the boat out and have afternoon tea too, especially as Gemma and Lesley are so busy with work they're not always able to escape on Friday, it was nice they could both make it. 


Short intermission, I'm off into hospital.


This is a very short post from me but thought it best to do so you don't think I've deserted you all. You see I'm off into hospital tomorrow for more surgery.  I'm having an operation on my other shoulder (right one was done about a year and a half ago) and so I may not be very active on the blogging and social media front for a few days at least. 


By TERRY Hyaluronic Hydra-powder

By Terry hyaluronic hydra-powder review

We all know that as we age our skin needs a little more help than it used to and I for one will take all the help and tips I can get. I owe huge thanks to Tracey over at Face Up Beauty for introducing me to this little 'beauty'. Actually Tracey also talked about two other products as well which I picked up without any hesitation but I'll talk about them in other posts. By the way you really do need to check out Face Up Beauty as it's such an informative blog with honest reviews on skincare and a whole range of beauty gadgets and not to mention a bit of fitness thrown in for good measure. 


Blogger meetup || label m fashion fixes and my first Dirty White

Friday night saw a few of us local Leicester bloggers getting together for a bite to eat and a good old natter. Laura who writes over at Extreme Housewife had arranged it all and I was quite a last minute addition! We knew we were meeting and eating at the Cosy Club and also knew Laura had a surprise up her sleeve but had no clue as to what it could be! Turns out she'd arranged for us to visit award winning salon Danique Hair on Highcross Street where we were warmly welcomed by Keri and her team, oh and we were treated to a delicious peach Bellini to kick start our evening. Keri and the team were so friendly and gave us a masterclass in fashion fixes with top hair brand label m who were the official sponsor for LFW. Keri showed us how easy it was to achieve the nouveau knot in just a few easy steps, working with the products from the label m kit that you can buy in the salon. Keri made it look so easy and effortless but to be honest I think I'd rather pay to have the professionals do it for me as I'm useless at 'up do's'.


Doll White teeth whitening strips review

Some time ago I was sent some *teeth whitening strips by Doll White and I was excited to give them a go. 


Chunky knit and jeans kinda day

I love a jeans, chunky knit and boots combo. Last Sunday (yes I'm a little late with this post!) was THE best Autumn day. Not cold enough to need a big coat and pleasant enough to go out in just a jumper, in fact it was positively warm on Sunday and ever so sunny, hence the sunglasses. Mind you they hide a multitude of sins from the night before!!! Drinking till the early hours with friends, then trying to be a model the next day don't mix very well.
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