Week in photos #8



Sali Hughes // Pretty Honest

 Sali Hughes book review Pretty Honest

Oh yes this is definitely my straight talking beauty companion alright. 

Pretty Honest* is written by Sali Hughes, one of the country's most respected beauty journalists, columnist for The Guardian and founder of salihughesbeauty.com The lovely people at Harper Collins sent me a copy (it's released tomorrow in paperback) and I've not been able to put it down. 


Week in photos #7

Monday Em and I had coffee, cake and shopping plans. Em still had nothing to wear for the wedding we were to attend on Saturday, last minute Lill and all that, so in to town we went. 


Favourites // Jane Shilton, New Look & Primark

It's so difficult to find a good time to get shots for outfit posts at the minute, what with the tale end of numerous hurricanes, heavy downpours, drizzle that soaks you through and snow. I checked the weather for Sunday and it showed cloud with a little sprinkling of sunshine, go, go GO! I've been desperate to show you some items I picked up recently. 


My week in photos #6

Arghhh......Monday was a bit of a washout, I got caught in the rain......twice, and closely resembled a drowned rat! First trip was to the post office to return a mountain of dresses I'd ordered online that didn't fit, see, that's the exact reason I hate ordering clothes online, nothing ever fits, well hardly ever, I may have had success with one or two items, but that's all. Second trip was to the supermarket (had to be done-fridge was bare), oh and to fill up on petrol. Anyway, managed the petrol with no dramas, pulled up at the supermarket and the heavens decided to open again. Ah ha, I have my brolly, which was absolutely no good to me whatsoever, it proceeded to blow inside out, I very nearly did a Mary Poppins right there and then in the Tesco carpark, I hung on for dear life but with a hefty gust the brolly broke, Storm Imogen has a lot to answer for, I threw it in the trolly in disgust and just as I did, along came the next gust, whipping the bags up out of the trolley and into a big fat wet puddle. Bloody terrific.


Bedroom refresh || Whites and Greys

I've not posted anything homey for quite some time and as we've refreshed our bedroom recently I thought you might like to see what we've done. I only wish I'd have taken a before picture but it completely went out of head. Doh! It was totally different, mostly browns with plum accent colours and I knew after scouring Pinterest I wanted grey and white to make it light and fresh, not that it wasn't before, I know the brown and plum colour makes it sound as though it was quite dark and dull but it wasn't as our room is naturally bright and sunny anyway. We'd had our bedroom furniture for years so it was ready to be replaced and we just bought why not do the whole room? We've not gone for expensive items, we've kept it to quite a low budget really as this year is an costly one for us for various reasons. The most expensive thing was the new furniture but its from Ikea so certainly not as expensive as it could have been. As I go through I'll give links to the items where I can or something similar.


My week in photos #5

Hey everyone. Hope you've had a great weekend, I can't believe another week has gone already! A pretty quiet one in these parts so not very much to show you guys in the way of photos I'm afraid. 


Cosmeceuticals || Jan Marini Skin Care management system

For some time now I've been after a skincare regime that packs a little bit more punch for my (slightly) more mature skin and I think I've found it in the Jan Marini Skincare system. I've always used more high end cleansers and moisturisers with my favourite of at least the last six years being Elemis. BUT in the last year, maybe two, my skincare needs have definitely changed and I needed something to address all my issues. I often find now that my skin is dehydrated, which yes has something to do with age but I really do believe it's also down to medication that I take on a daily basis. If I'm really honest as well I just got to that stage where I felt I was paying out quite a lot of my hard earned cash and wasting my money on products that just weren't delivering the results they promised. I wanted to see measurable results. Something that would genuinely reduce or soften my wrinkles. So what to do? Through writing my blog I've come across the word cosmeceuticals many times and they began to interest me more and more. 


Hoar Cross Hall Spa day


A couple of weeks back Emily had the offer of going to Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel for the day and taking me with her. Were we about to decline? Hell no! Are you mad? I let out a great big "whoopeeee" the minute it was confirmed we were going. I'd heard of the spa before but I was soon on the internet looking at all the pics and mentally planning our day. 
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