My first MAC lipstick || faux

Shock, horror, yes this is my first MAC lipstick, which is bad considering 99% of the planet have one or multiple MAC lipsticks stashed away somewhere. I haven't worn a lipstick for years now, well not a proper twisty up bullet one. I've steered clear of what I call a regular lipstick as I have the driest lips in the whole world and I'll be honest and admit that I've just used a cheap and cheerful version of the chubby stick for donkeys years but it's done me proud, quite rich and moisturising actually, not bad for a cheapie. I'm ashamed to say I've even stuck to the same shade for the last couple of years, you know what it's like, you find something you love and you use it forever! My god, I've looked the same every day for the last two years, very adventurous, NOT! It was that cheap I've even stockpiled, daren't count how many are in the drawer.


Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

 Tangle Teezer compact styler hair review

If you have long hair like mine you'll know what a nightmare knots, cots and tangles can be. For the last however many years I've just been using a comb on my hair, not great I know, but I just found it so easy to slip into any bag, and I really am lazy when it comes to caring for my hair! I don't often wear my hair up, in fact I never do, so no tangles from that but I get so fed up of it taking forever to detangle my hair when I've washed it (a laborious task I hate anyway) and sometimes it's a bit knotty when I get out of bed. When I used the comb, especially on my wet hair I realised I was getting a lot of breakage and it seriously took forever to un-tangle so I decided it was time to invest in a proper grown up hair brush. Hello cute leopard print tangle teezer! I debated for a little while over which brush to get. I looked at the paddle brushes but they were too bulky as I wanted a multi-tasker, one to use at home and to pop in my bag too so I thought the tangle teezer compact would do the trick.


Steve, The Christie and The Great Manchester Run

Hi guys. Hope you had a great weekend. What did you get up to? We've had a lovely chilled out one but this time last week we we're just getting back from a weekend away.


Eternal Collection || Aura Pearl and diamante ring

You may remember a little while ago I did a collaboration with Eternal collection and showed you this stunning ring and a pretty little honey bee necklace. Well, a few weeks back Mr C and I went out for Sunday lunch wearing said ring, me obviously, not Mr C, and I thought it would be a good idea to take a few photos on the way home so I could show you in more detail and it actually on my finger!


Crafty launch || Farmyard Jam & a Krispie Klucker!

New on the food scene in Leicester is Crafty. Crafty has gone from pop-up shop just before Christmas to now taking up permanent residence in the fabulous St Martin's independent coffee shop. They held their launch party last Thursday evening and kindly invited Mr C and I along to help them celebrate, how could we refuse? Everyone loves a burger, right?


Gap eyelet fit and flare dress || total bargain

Yes, as you can see I'm still trying to get the hang of this 'photo shoot' business with Mr C as my photographer, neither of us are very good at it, although I think we're getting a little better, yes, I'm very self conscious, and yes in my head I am saying "hurry up and take the goddamn shot as someones looking".
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