Making it merry and bright

We'd had a busy few days of birthday celebrations, shopping and visiting friends (see last post) and Sunday was putting the tree(s) up day. Hooray!!!!! It's true to say I am Mrs Christmas. I love it and get so excited, I'm like a big kid, and so is Mr C. I really look forward to my tree putting up day.


Time for a little catch up I think

Can I please put December on pause? I want to delay Christmas just a little bit so I can play catch up. I'm just not ready, which is not like me at all. I don't know what's happened this year! I'm going to blame the fact that it's because we're not having everyone at ours this year, please don't think I'm complaining about that, I'm so not, we're going to my mum's which we're looking forward, but yeah, I think because I've not had to meticulously plan every fine detail, way in advance, I somehow thought Christmas was miles away. Yikes!


Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Say hello to my new best friend. I am so in love with this right now.


DIY Christmas Bauble Garland

Fancy having a go at making a stunning Christmas garland? It's easy peasey. It will turn out just like the gorgeous one shown below, well maybe in a different colour, but the same. There are lots of these garlands shown on Pinterest at this time of year.


Lush Mint Julips lip scrub

My lips are as dry as the Sahara dessert. Truly. And it gets right on my nerves. I'm constantly wearing lipstick or balm, they're never naked! It actually makes me right grumpy when my lips are dry and shriveled and I've nothing immediately to hand to remedy the problem.


Two of my favourites from Elemis and Liz Earle

You know I'm an Elemis girl at heart don't you? But, I also like to throw a bit of Liz Earle into my skin care mix too. 


Revisiting my sweet potato and red pepper soup

Hi guys. Hope you're all having a good Monday?
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