What I'm loving right now

I'm still fairly new to the blogging world, still a baby infact, only a few months old, but I like reading other bloggers posts on their great finds, top tips, what works and what doesn't, so I thought I'd share with you a few of the little things I'm loving right now and am really in to.



I know I have neglected you all over the last week and I'm sorry! I've been very busy what with Christmas around the corner and I'm sure you've all been busy too getting those things crossed off your list.


This weekend I...

I can't believe it's Monday again, who stole my weekend? Why oh why does it just disappear so quickly!


Let's get crafty

As promised here is the crafty little post on how to make 3D snowflakes, courtesy of my gorgeous daughter Emily. Sorry folks for the bad quality photos but the camera was playing up and the black cloth made it look very grainey but I think you'll get the idea just the same.


Christmas at home

I can now officially say that after going to London at the weekend and then putting up the trees and decorations at home I have found my Christmas sparkle. Hooray!  A little late for me I have to say but better late than never. My excitement is normally building mid to late November but to be honest I've been so busy with work and setting up this blog that I haven't really thought about it.  I think being in London on the 1st December and going to Winter Wonderland is what did it, all that mulled wine, decorations, carols playing, ice skating, and yummy food, whoah, getting excited now, and even though Tom and Emily are now teenagers me and Nick still love it, sometimes I think even more so than the kids!


The Big Smoke

Well I was soooo excited about this weekend. Me, the other half and two friends headed down to London for a stopover and a show.


Christmas Gift Ideas

Have you started your shopping yet? There's really not long now until Christmas, so what are you waiting for, you need to get started!


Off to Mars....

Bruno that is.


Christmas is coming..

Jingle bells, Jingle bells...........Christmas is hurtling towards us and there's no stopping it! Mr C and I love, love, love it. The presents, the copious amounts of yummy food and alcohol and family time. So yesterday afternoon we wrapped up, although it wasn't actually that cold and hit the city centre where the Christmas Lights were being switched on.


Lest We Forget

I can't apologise enough for the fact that this post is a week late. I've had a mega busy week, no excuse I know but felt these pics had to go on.


Elemis I love you!

And I truly do! You literally have turned my skin around.  Elemis offers serious skin and body care for both men and women. Here's what they say



Just look what little beauties arrived in the post the other day


Long overdue

A few of my girlie friends felt a night out was on the cards and long over due! So cue a night at The White Horse in Quorn. A lively little place I must say, and have been a few times now with friends and our other halves. A fab village pub with a surprise. Every Friday night the room behind the bar comes alive with a live band and people dancing the night away with drinks in hand, trying to sing along to the track that they don't really know the words too (yes I do that too!)


Remember, remember....

I can't really believe it's that time of year, Guy Fawkes is here again and people are busy stuffing their guys and building bonfires. Halloween pretty much passed me by so I was looking forward to going to our usual firework display which we go to every year, usually with family and friends but unusually this year they were off doing other things, which is a shame because it is truly amazing, ok so I am a bit of a firework fiend! I just love um. So it was down to me and Mr C to go for a romantic night out watching the fireworks with a few hundred other folk!!!!!


Day One!

Well, here goes..........my very first blog post. Gulp! Why do I feel so nervous? It's only a blog for goodness sake I hear you say but I am putting myself out there for the whole wide world to see! I'm actually sitting here with a huge bar of my favourite chocolate and a coffee as I feel it may help to give me a little inspiration to type my first entry.
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