Making it merry and bright

We'd had a busy few days of birthday celebrations, shopping and visiting friends (see last post) and Sunday was putting the tree(s) up day. Hooray!!!!! It's true to say I am Mrs Christmas. I love it and get so excited, I'm like a big kid, and so is Mr C. I really look forward to my tree putting up day.


Time for a little catch up I think

Can I please put December on pause? I want to delay Christmas just a little bit so I can play catch up. I'm just not ready, which is not like me at all. I don't know what's happened this year! I'm going to blame the fact that it's because we're not having everyone at ours this year, please don't think I'm complaining about that, I'm so not, we're going to my mum's which we're looking forward, but yeah, I think because I've not had to meticulously plan every fine detail, way in advance, I somehow thought Christmas was miles away. Yikes!


Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Say hello to my new best friend. I am so in love with this right now.


DIY Christmas Bauble Garland

Fancy having a go at making a stunning Christmas garland? It's easy peasey. It will turn out just like the gorgeous one shown below, well maybe in a different colour, but the same. There are lots of these garlands shown on Pinterest at this time of year.


Lush Mint Julips lip scrub

My lips are as dry as the Sahara dessert. Truly. And it gets right on my nerves. I'm constantly wearing lipstick or balm, they're never naked! It actually makes me right grumpy when my lips are dry and shriveled and I've nothing immediately to hand to remedy the problem.


Two of my favourites from Elemis and Liz Earle

You know I'm an Elemis girl at heart don't you? But, I also like to throw a bit of Liz Earle into my skin care mix too. 


Revisiting my sweet potato and red pepper soup

Hi guys. Hope you're all having a good Monday?


Nails inc Savile Row

Sorry this is a quick post today folks, not my usual grab yourself a cuppa and read for hours kinda post! You're probably quite relieved about that aren't you?


Bad hair days and my new magic dust.

My hair and I have a love hate relationship.


A Sunday stroll and a mountain to climb

Happy Monday everyone. 


Brixham Battery Museum and Us!

Where were we? Oh yeah, stuffed to the gills, eyes bigger than our bellies, when we left part one. Sorry for the delay with this post, the final part of our Devon adventures, but you know what it's like, stuff happens and before you know it another week has gone by!


Blood Swept Lands and seas of red at the tower of london

Today is the day we remember them all


The 10K Wolf Run at Stanford Hall

When Mr C announced he had signed up for the Wolf Run this November, I didn't for one minute think he would do it. You see, Mr C's been telling everyone he's going to do our local half marathon for the last couple of years and that's not happened yet. He goes to the gym regularly and he was gently persuaded by some of the group there to do it, but I'll give him his due, he was excited about it and said he would train hard! 


What's in my Glamour Beauty Power list box

This is my second Glamour beauty box from Latest In Beauty and I was just as excited to receive it as I was the first one. Let's lift the lid and look inside.


Day tripping to Dartmouth by Trains, boats and automobiles.

Back in part one I mentioned that we took a trip out to Dartmouth whilst on our Devon adventures. We started off by car, heading off to Churston station, a quaint little heritage steam railway station but I somehow think Sarah.R has gone overboard with the packing for a day out. I told her to travel light! 


Woohoo.......A little Birthday giveaway!

Did you know it was my blog's birthday yesterday?


A year on, I'm still here and why I love it so!

Happy Birthday to my amazing blog. It's a year old.


The liebster blog award

Ok, so I log into my Twitter account today to find a tweet from the lovely Alyssa Melanie who writes over at Ang Savvy informing me that she had nominated me for the Liebster Award. I was a tad confused at first and  I didn't even know what the Liebster award was! I checked with my best friend, Google and now understand it's an 'award' passed on from blogger to blogger, a way for bloggers to help promote one another and help us all to connect. How very nice!


Devon Adventures, pirate fights and cream teas all round.

You have been warned, this is a long one! Grab a cuppa and park your backside. 


OOTD :Monochrome scratch print dress

I met my mum, sister and aunties for coffee the other week and after we said our goodbyes I found myself browsing the shops in the area where we'd met. It's like a (very) mini shopping park. It has a store called Outfit which houses Warehouse, Topshop, and Dorothy Perkins amongst others. I'm not really one for impulse purchases but I saw this dress, (I'm really into dresses at the moment) fell in love with it and knew it had to be mine. Before I knew it I was at the checkout stuffing my payment card in the machine! 


OOTD:H&M jersey stripes & a handbag for everything.

Here it is. 


Kiko cosmetics

Whilst day tripping in Malaga we mooched around the shops at the port and came across a gorgeous looking make up store. Kiko cosmetics. Clean lines, real sleek looking, Sarah and I were enticed in, picked up a basket and started to shop! We didn't need much encouragement I can tell you.


White chocolate and mascarpone tart recipe

Who doesn't love a good tart? These are just too good to resist. And so bloomin easy to make (with a little cheat method!)


My Titanic Spa experience

In September my friend and I booked ourselves into the the Titanic Spa for an overnight break. Excited doesn't cover it. I'd heard great things from another friend who went there on her daughters hen do and ever since then I've been desperate to pay them a visit. I'd signed up to their regular newsletters and when an amazing offer dropped into my inbox it was too good to refuse. It was quite short notice so I asked Sarah if she'd be interested. A no-brainer for her, she's been to quite a few spa's and told me to book right away!


Paloma Park, a barrel of laughs, a near miss and more ice cream. (Part 3)

Ok, so let's get this out of the way. I'm Sorry. Sorry for the delay with part three of our holiday adventure. It's just that I've been really busy and 'stuff' took over but I've got my blogging vibe well and truly back.


My summer as told by Instagram

What's the best thing since sliced bread. Instagram silly! I'm well and truly hooked.


Bimuno Immunaid: Review and giveaway.

Some weeks back I was contacted by Bimuno to see if I would like to review a product called Immunaid* and offer a giveaway to you guys. Having arthritis and a compromised immune system I jumped at the chance.


Malaga city, tapas with a twist and Valentin. (Part 2)

In search of cocktails and a little culture of course, we set off on the train to Malaga city.


What's in my make up bag?

Curious to know what's in my make up bag?


4 Adults let loose on the Costa del Sol (Part 1)

We’ve been back from Spain for a week now, the weather has turned miserable today and I want to be back on that beach, with the sun warming my bones and the sand between my toes. BUT I’m not so the next best thing is looking through the photos *sigh* and sharing them with you lovely lot.


Duty free haul

Hello everyone.

A little help from Bimuno

You probably all know by now that I've been feeling rather rubbish and not myself for the last few months.


See you all very soon

I don't want you all to be worrying and be wondering where on earth I've gone too. Well, fact is people I'm off on holiday. I did have a post scheduled but now have a little problem with it so I'm afraid to say you won't get one this week. I'm real sorry. Yes I know you're upset. Yes I'm disappointed in myself and I've cried all day long but I'll try not to be too upset when lying on my sun lounger sipping some fabulous cocktail! I'll get over it.


Not dressed without perfume

I don't know about you but I don't feel like I'm fully dressed without my perfume on every day. Quite frankly I feel naked. 

I love a good fragrance but how did they become sooo damn expensive? I see some people with bottles lined up on their pretty little dressing tables, like 6, 8, 10 bottles, how the heck do they manage that, rob a bank? The thing is I find that mine disappear pretty quickly for some strange reason, I don't mean the whole bottle disappear as if by magic, but the actual fluid disappears right before my very eyes. They're not stored in bright sunlight or heat and I don't think it's because Mr C or Tom are having a crafty squirt, (well I suppose you never know) so that only leaves one person, someone who's into similar perfumes to me, do you know who it could be Emily?

I sadly have only ever got two or three on the go at any one time. I thought you might like to have a nosey at my current favourites.


My first Glamour Beauty Edit Box

Happy bank holiday people!!!

Sorry if it's not a bank holiday for you where you are or you've got to work. I thought I'd brighten up everyones Monday by letting you have a peek inside my first ever Glamour Beauty Edit box from Latest in Beauty. I was so excited to order it and even more excited when it landed on my doorstep! Couldn't wait to get my sticky mitts on it! 

Alessandra Steinherr is the Beauty Director for Glamour Magazine, of which I am a subscriber, so I knew this little lot was going to be good. 


Never done cycling on a Saturday.

If we go out on our bikes it's usually on a Sunday as we generally don't have anything on so are free to be out all day. As we're professional bikers now we wanted to get out and get fit this weekend for sure. The weather people were telling us Saturday was likely to be better than Sunday so yesterday after a bit of brunch we set off.


They're Real! push up eyeliner by Benefit (Review)

After all the hype around town about Benefit's new push up gel eyeliner I knew I had to try it for myself. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and was actually quite excited.


We're cycling fit

If you didn't already know I got a new bike and am going to use it as part of my fitness campaign. I had a bike before but it was years old and totally on it's last legs, well wheels!!! So Mr C and I took ourselves off to Decathalon and purcashed a new bike each. Lucky for me I was able to take mine away on the day but Mr C's will arrive in 2/3 weeks.


Let me introduce my daughter.

I'd like you to introduce you to my beautiful daughter Emily. I can't believe she turned 17 in March this year. Wow where did all those years go?


Soap & Glory body moisturisers (review)

We all know how important it is to slap on moisturiser, especially in these summer months when we have our pins on show all the time, well and our arms and chest too and no-one wants to see dry, flaky skin do they? That's not a good look and does not sit well with our self tan! We want sexy, glossy, smooth skin at least until winter comes and we can hide away again.


Little things I've loved this week.

I know this is a day late and I had all good intentions of posting this yesterday but my Sunday was hectic.


ASAD and ACJ excision for my poorly shoulder

In April this year I had to have surgery on my right shoulder : ASAD and ACJ joint excision. 


A little homely post

As I haven't done a home style post for some time I thought I'd bring you a little one today because even small space deserve some attention right?


A healthy me?

I so want to be healthy and fit. I really do. It's just that over the last 6 months or more I've seem to have lost all willpower.


Elemis TSV

If you read my blog you will now know that I am deeply in love with everything Elemis and I am in seventh heaven when QVC have an Elemis TSV, even better when it's on easy pay. That means I can order in multiples!!!


Ladies European Golf day

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Ladies European Tour British Masters through Mr C's work the other weekend.


My weekend consisted of........

A wedding.


The original beauty blender

Quite a few posts back I mentioned that I was using the Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge and I actually quite liked it. The only thing I found with this sponge is that it does not have a very long life span and mine went all bobbly on the flat edge making it sadly quite unusable.


David my World Cup footballer

Isn't he the cutest or what? I've named him David. It doesn't take a genius to work out why.


Day tripping

We visited York many years ago, so when my work place sent round the email about a day trip to historic York on a bus we were so up for it.


Models own apple pie

I'm still in love with pastel shades. I know that they were around for the springtime, and even though we're well into the summer season I still think they look great. I don't care about the trends I think it's still great on fingers and toes all summer long. So. There.


Up in the Peaks

During my birthday week Mr C and I took a day trip up to the Peak District. For those that don't know, especially those overseas, it's a huge National Park spanning parts of Central and Northern England, an area of natural beauty with moors and rivers, towns and quaint little villages. There's so much to do. For more info click here.


And they're orf !!

I've never been horse racing. So, as a birthday treat and this being a year of first's and all, off we went to Nottingham race track.


My new Mulberry baby

You may have seen a sneaky peek that I had a new baby for my birthday earlier this month. Not a live,  fresh, wriggly one but a new handbag kinda baby.


New look about town

Hey there, just wanted to let y'all know that there's been a few changes around here. Didn't want you to think you'd arrived at the wrong place!


My birthday week

So officially you're birthday is only for one day, unless you're the Queen of course. Hell, I actually went one better than Queenie with my birthday spanning a whole week!


Malaga City (part two)

Where were we? Oh yeah, on the open top bus tour around the city. Grab a cold San Miguel and join us on our trip to Gibralfaro Castle (Malaga Castle).


Malaga City (part one)

Mid week Mr C and I decided to hop on the train and head into Malaga city for the day. The trains over there are great for getting around, fab clean service and amazingly cheap.


Spain (part two)

Another day, another selfie.


Spain, just the two of us. (part one)

Right from the off I'm going to tell you this is a big one so I will break it down into three, maybe even four separate posts for you guys, not that you'll get bored and switch off, obviously not, why would you, but there's so much to show you it'll be easier in bite size pieces.


New wedges.....it's the law.

Because summer is here it is law that you have to buy a new pair of wedges for your feet!


A little peek into my sunny Sunday

The sun had got it's hat on, hip hip hip hooray! So we went out to play. In our garden that is. Mr C was very good and got up early to take Emily to work and then go to the gym for the morning, impressive on a Sunday. I got to have a leisurely crawl out of my pit, not go to the gym, eat breakfast and slob out until Mr c got back. First off we popped to Tesco to grab a few foodie bits but also picked up these retro glasses along the way. Perfect for summer in the garden. I did originally have a pink one (my fave) but found it had a crack in it so had to swop for another yellow, bummer! I will get a pink one.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume

Last week I purchased some new products from the John Frieda Luxurious volume collection to try and help with my fine, flat, limp hair! Since Christmas I have been using Ojon volume advance shampoo and conditioner as they were a gift from Santa. Now, I do love the Ojon duo and they work wonders in giving my limpness the boost it needs but they are a tad on the expensive side. I'm very fortunate in that I only need to wash my hair every 4/5 days (lucky or what? and I actually hate washing my hair) so more costly products last me a heck of a lot longer, but I have a real problem with the Ojon conditioner which comes in a tall bottle and is so thick you just cannot get the last bits of the conditioner out no matter how hard you try so for that reason I will not be buying it again.


I hate my freckles

All through my teenage years my mum would always tell me that freckles are a sign of beauty. Really? Well I hated them and I still bloody do! Perhaps hate is a bit strong but I dislike them very very much! I have freckles on my face, arms and the lower half of my legs, the only place I don't have them is my torso.


Event 3 Mayday bank holiday

Yep going back to day 3 of the last bank holiday. I know I'm dragging this out a bit but I've been a bit out of action and I have done this post in record time as I'm trying to get packed to go away for a few days. Not even had time to edit any of the pics!


Elemis TSV

A good few weeks ago my excitement levels spiraled out of control. I was giddy with happiness. The reason? It was time for the Elemis TSV on QVC. I can tell you now, if there's an Elemis TSV, come what May my arse will be on that sofa at midnight, heart pounding, beads of sweat on forehead, phone in my sweaty palms, praying that I get my order in. Okay so maybe I'm exaggerating a teeny tiny bit, but I just had to have it. I buy all of the Elemis TSV's without fail, but this one was the best yet as it contained all of my favourites all in one handy little bag.


Essie Allure

I wanted to get myself a new nail colour and had in my mind I wanted a white shade. White's all in isn't it right now, along with the pastels. So off I went to Boots.


Event 2 Mayday Bank holiday

We spent Saturday night whooping and a hollering at a surprise party for my father-in-law's 80th birthday and retirement. Yes, retirement at 80. Got some energy in him that one to keep on working until that ripe old age!


Event 1 May Day Bank Holiday

We were invited to attend a wedding reception on Friday. This was the wedding of Joseph, our son's friend that he's known since primary school. He is 19 years old.


Estée Lauder Double Wear

It seems like I have been searching for the right foundation forever, and by golly I think I've only gone and found it!


Water Babies World Premiere

We love to go to the theatre and frequently visit our city's ultra modern, high tech theatre, The Curve, Leicester and on Tuesday this week went along to see the world premiere of a new musical called The Water Babies. We were very excited as we'd had the tickets booked for some time and had seen the adverts on the TV.


Nick's selfie tour of London

As I said in my previous post whilst traipsing around London last weekend Mr C snapped a load of selfies and posted them on Facebook doing a 'what's my location now?' competition! Bless him though, not many people participated as they were all quite obviously at the pub making the most of the bank holiday. Ten out of ten for effort Mr C.


London Town on Easter Monday

Are we nearly there yet? I thought that's what we'd be hearing from the back of the car but Emily and Liam (Emily's boyfriend) were fast asleep nearly all the way to London. As I told you we planned a day in the big smoke on Easter Monday. We like driving into London, especially on a Sunday as it's free parking and we've never had a problem getting a space. We tend to head over to the South Bank and park around King's College. To be honest we weren't sure if it was also free parking on a bank holiday, some said yes, some weren't sure, so rather than risk the car being towed away we parked in a great secure car park just behind the ITV television studios. It's a manned car park open 24 hours and cost just £7, yep you heard me right, £7 for the whole day! It's so lovely being chauffeured around by your husband (who actually knows London very well), taking in the sights and the incredible architecture. London truly is a beautiful city.


Our Easter weekend

I know it's a bit late but happy Easter to ya'll. Did the Easter Bunny visit?


Todays shopping trip

I had to pop into town today to pick up some foundation for myself. Now with it being the first day of the Easter holidays, my daughter has two weeks off college and decided she would come with me! Oh oh.....I knew what that meant. Shopping trip for Emily too! Although it was the quickest trip into town ever as Em had a driving lesson to get back to.


My new memory foam pillow

You may or may not know that I suffer with arthritis and have to put up with various aches and pains most of the time. I've been suffering with a lot of neck pain of late, the last year or so to be honest with you and at the weekend thought it was high time I got myself a new pillow. Mine was literally as flat as a pancake! It certainly did not look like any of these!


Review:Dermalogica Active Resurface 35 Skin facial

I enjoy a facial as much as the next woman but don't have them very often. As I got to my late thirties and into my forties I started to look after my skin a lot more, not that I didn't before but you know, being more aware of using SPF and exfoliating on a regular basis. As I've got older my skin is still combination and still prone to breakouts (which I thought I'd leave behind in my teenage years, but sadly not).


Liz Earle body brush & body lotion

My lovely new Liz Earle body Brush arrived the other day and oh how excited was I?


Bistro Live

Saturday night we were invited out for a night of dancing on the tables and for those that know me understand I would never, ever turn down an opportunity to dance the night away.


Blogging has taken over my life

This is a post with no photos but please don't go away.


World War II Day Beaumanor Hall

Today we went to a World War II event at the beautiful Beaumanor Hall which is I suppose really just a couple of villages away from where we live. Whilst out at the theatre the other week we picked up a leaflet and thought why not? It was £5 entry and free for kids!


An Elemis Mothers Day

What Mother out there would say no to a bit of pampering with some Elemis goodies on Mothers Day? I certainly wouldn't say no, but then I am totally in luuurve with anything Elemis!


Breakfast in bed by Rimmel

Just had to pinch borrow this gorgeous nail colour. Emily had it for her birthday on Saturday from a friend and as soon as I saw it on her nails had to have some.


Raspberry and banana smoothie

In my quest to get back on track to a healthier lifestyle I made a totally yummy raspberry and banana smoothie at the weekend. The recipe comes courtesy of Sunny Sweet Pea's blog.


Little things I've loved this week

My journey through the week.


Stonehurst Family Farm

I've had quite a stressful week for various reasons so this weekend wanted to chill and de-stress. Unusually nice sunny weather for this time of year was predicted so yesterday (Saturday) Mr C and I strolled down to Stonehurst Family Farm, another lovely attraction in our village.

Vaseline Spray & Go Review

First of all, apologies that I've been a little absent over the last week and a half, I will explain in due course!


I've lost my motivation

and I need to find it pretty damn quick!


National Space Centre

On Saturday I was invited to go to the National Space Centre. Despite it being located in my city I have never been so was rather excited. It was from 5.30pm until 9.30pm and was an event that had been put on by a company called Foresters and wasn't open to the general public.


Life this week & outdoor jacket advice

I know this post is a day or two late but I had a busy weekend and just didn't have the time to sit at my laptop.


Museum Day

This Sunday we joined friends and spent it visiting some of the great museums in our city. This was museum day take two, as last year in January we did part one where we went to the New Walk Museum, lunch and then the Newark House Museum.



I love to wear nail polish and for the most part stick to natural colours, nudes, pinks etc. I love pink! On the odd occasion I'll go all wild and choose a purple or a blue. I'm definitely getting a bit more adventurous.


A strange Sunday stroll

Mr C and I share a love for walking. Only little-ish walks mind, fairly local at the moment but that is going to change this year so Mr C tells me. He has plans for walks in the Peak district, he's researching info on new coats, walking boots, waterproofs, the lot! With this being my year of first's I'm up for it, just when the weather gets a little better. I'm a fair weather walker!


This week I've...

....been off work. Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!


Our Love Story

I know this is a bit soppy but as it's Valentine's day I think I can be excused.


On my bedside table

For you nosey peeps out there here's what is currently on my bedside table.


Baileys Cheesecake

Probably the easiest recipe for the dreamiest Baileys cheesecake you'll ever come across.


Things I've Loved This Week.

I've not had too much going on this week but here's a glimpse of the little things that have made me happy.


Valentines Day

Do you 'do' Valentines Day?

We don't, not really. To be honest I like the idea of the romance side of things, but certainly not the expense side of things.


Mini projects

Since finding myself on the internet a lot more recently, actually it seems to have taken over my life, I have become really interested in blogs about home projects and house renovation and love looking into peoples homes. As I mentioned before I think it goes back to my nosey gene. I'm that person that walks by your living room window just when it's getting dark, you've just put your lights on and I'm staring in having a good old nose when you're chilling on your sofa trying to relax. Sorry I can't help it. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Am I? Or am I just plain weird?


Christmas in January

Happy Monday people but who stole my weekend?


HD Brows

Eyebrows frame the face! Fact.


Sweet potato and red pepper soup

This is my favourite go to recipe for this time of year when you need something to hit the spot and warm you up in a jiffy.


What is Bloglovin?

As you all know I've not been blogging for long.


My Priceless Life this week

Well, emotions wise this has been a bit of an up and down one.


Things I loved last week!

Well should have been things I loved this week but I am a day late in writing to you guys. I just seem to have so much on right now and not enough hours in the day.


Hazelnut croissants

Yum Yum... I baked these little parcels of deliciousness this morning for our breakfast courtesy of The Londoner!


A walk in the park

What do you do to get over that stuffed, over indulged feeling from the festive season? Take a walk in the park, Bradgate Park that is. Nothing beats going out for a long stroll in the sunshine with your sunnies on even in January. We went on the 2nd of Jan after taking down all the Christmas decs and felt we needed to escape for a breath of fresh air.


My year in review

I didn't start blogging until a few months ago and feel like we've crammed so much in this year that you guys haven't seen, I thought I'd show you my year in pictures. Just one or two from each event/trip mind or you'd be here forever!!


Seeing in a New Year

Well that's it, we've kissed 2013 goodbye and have welcomed in 2014 with open arms. 2013 was such a fun packed year for us, we crammed so much in with family and friends and I'm not sure how we'll top it, mind you, I seem to remember saying the exact same thing as we said goodbye to 2012 and saw in 2013!


My Christmas Day 2013

Wow.... the big day seems such a long time ago, although just only over a week ago can you believe! I know this post is a little late, and some bloggers post on Christmas or Boxing day but my goodness I've just not had the time to be a busy blogger, what with planning Christmas at our gaff and then a huge New Years Eve fancy dress party too, it's been a total whirlwind and I feel like I am only just finding my feet again.
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