A DIY project for big celebrations

On the 15th and 23rd March this year we had a big reason to celebrate in our household. Our daughter Emily turned 18 and our son Tom turned 21 just a week apart!!! My brain is finding it hard to comprehend where all the years have gone. Where are the little hands and feet, the snotty noses, grazed knees, the tears, the squeals of delight at the tiniest things, holding hands whilst out for a walk and that heart melting smile from the most precious things in your life. They've all grown up that's what. Yet still the most precious things in our life and always always will be. The beating of our heart.


Barry M chisel cheeks contour kit

Hi guys. There's so much talk of contouring right now I felt like I was missing out but I didn't want to splash out on one of the more expensive contouring kits though incase contouring wasn't for me so I picked up the Barry M palette, so reasonable at just £6.49 and I got mine from Superdrug. 


Day tripping in The Lake District || conquering Haystacks

** Warning: take time out to read, its a long one**

So, hubby knew the weather was going to be good in The Lake District on Easter Sunday. No, he's not a weather man, his phone told him so! The Midlands was set to be a bit cloudy, so he suggested we go to The Lake District in search of the sun, FOR THE DAY!!!!!!!! Yikes, I hear you say, and yes it's a good 3 hour drive for us, but for us that's no problem, we really don't mind about taking a long drive anywhere just for the day, although when I say we, I don't actually do the driving, so of course I don't mind, but Mr C doesn't either, he's the one that always suggests these mad ideas, we've even driven to Weymouth for the day when the kids were younger and that's 4/5 hours away. Yes we are mad but YOLO and all that!!!!! :) Emily was in all day rehearsals for her upcoming show and Tom was out too so just the two of us set off early.


New gym gear || back on track

You already know by now that I have arthritis so I won't harp on too much about the fact. I was in remission for two years but the last six months have been so horrendous with pain in almost every joint.  My rheumatologist started me on a different drug with a short course of steroids two weeks ago now and it's been like a mini miracle. I have very little pain, no scratch that, hardly any pain!!!  So whilst I'm pain free I wanted to get back to doing some sort of exercise if only just one class a week to ease myself back in gently, I certainly don't want to overdo it!


Springtime goodies || happy days

A couple of weekends ago I had to go into work on a Saturday morning. It's not a regular occurrence so you don't need to feel sorry for me, I'm very fortunate in that I don't work any weekends but this one I had some catching up to do.

It was one of the first weekends Mr C and I had nothing planned since the beginning of the year and were looking forward to doing, well, nothing much really. You know, cooking something nice for dinner, watching rubbish Saturday night TV, slobbing out and not having to worry about time constraints! Pure bliss.

Anyway, I came home from work and was quite chilled out and in a good mood, which is quite impressive for being in work on a weekend! I walked in the door to find a steaming cup of tea waiting for me, and all the cleaning done!!! Result.


One Pan tricolore meatballs À la Rosie Londoner

I'm not a cook as you know but every now and then something comes over me from nowhere and I go all Delia, well Rosie in this case! On Friday I felt the urge to rustle up something good, and I'd recently read Rosie's recipe for one pan meatballs. So easy, it just couldn't go wrong, could it? Actually anything can go wrong for me where cooking is concerned!!
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