Nick's selfie tour of London

As I said in my previous post whilst traipsing around London last weekend Mr C snapped a load of selfies and posted them on Facebook doing a 'what's my location now?' competition! Bless him though, not many people participated as they were all quite obviously at the pub making the most of the bank holiday. Ten out of ten for effort Mr C.


London Town on Easter Monday

Are we nearly there yet? I thought that's what we'd be hearing from the back of the car but Emily and Liam (Emily's boyfriend) were fast asleep nearly all the way to London. As I told you we planned a day in the big smoke on Easter Monday. We like driving into London, especially on a Sunday as it's free parking and we've never had a problem getting a space. We tend to head over to the South Bank and park around King's College. To be honest we weren't sure if it was also free parking on a bank holiday, some said yes, some weren't sure, so rather than risk the car being towed away we parked in a great secure car park just behind the ITV television studios. It's a manned car park open 24 hours and cost just £7, yep you heard me right, £7 for the whole day! It's so lovely being chauffeured around by your husband (who actually knows London very well), taking in the sights and the incredible architecture. London truly is a beautiful city.


Our Easter weekend

I know it's a bit late but happy Easter to ya'll. Did the Easter Bunny visit?


Todays shopping trip

I had to pop into town today to pick up some foundation for myself. Now with it being the first day of the Easter holidays, my daughter has two weeks off college and decided she would come with me! Oh oh.....I knew what that meant. Shopping trip for Emily too! Although it was the quickest trip into town ever as Em had a driving lesson to get back to.


My new memory foam pillow

You may or may not know that I suffer with arthritis and have to put up with various aches and pains most of the time. I've been suffering with a lot of neck pain of late, the last year or so to be honest with you and at the weekend thought it was high time I got myself a new pillow. Mine was literally as flat as a pancake! It certainly did not look like any of these!


Review:Dermalogica Active Resurface 35 Skin facial

I enjoy a facial as much as the next woman but don't have them very often. As I got to my late thirties and into my forties I started to look after my skin a lot more, not that I didn't before but you know, being more aware of using SPF and exfoliating on a regular basis. As I've got older my skin is still combination and still prone to breakouts (which I thought I'd leave behind in my teenage years, but sadly not).


Liz Earle body brush & body lotion

My lovely new Liz Earle body Brush arrived the other day and oh how excited was I?
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