Time to get my weary bones moving and my arse into gear

Happy Monday you lovely lot in that big wide world out there! Hope you're having a good one. Can't tell you whether I am or not because I was typing this last night, ha, and my crystal ball was a tad cloudy so couldn't see what my Monday would hold. 


Fuelling my candle addiction

Once the excitement, karaoke and party poppers had died down from our New Years Eve party I found some energy from somewhere, heavens knows how I mustered up even the tiniest bit, and I wrote a post about what was under my christmas tree on Christmas morn and the selection of candles I had received.


Essie Cute as a button

Happy Monday lovelies! I thought I'd try and brighten up your day with a pop of colour.


Grey suede ankle boots. A bargain.

Feast your eyes on these little beauties. Aren't they?


The other half of me..........

..........has gone away golfing. How dare he? I mean, we're practically joined at the hip for goodness sake!


New Year's Eve party at our gaff !

Well New Year's Eve crept up on us quick didn't it? 


Happy New Year

I know for some this greeting is a tad late but believe it or not we've not long sat down after a mammoth clean up session after the New Years Eve fancy dress party at our gaff. A great night was had by all and a post will follow.

Under my tree on Christmas morn

Lots of people choose to do posts about what they got for Christmas, some don't. I'm not going to babble on about all the lovely things I had but just about the things that totally blew me away.
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