My week in photos #4

Hey everyone. Good week? It's been a quieter one for me but seems to revolve a lot around food and drink! 


Lastest in Beauty || The Harley Street Box

Harley Street Latest in beauty box

Hey everyone. Hope you're having a great Friday? I needed to get this post up to let you know about an A-mazing offer from Latest in Beauty. The Harley Street Box. I've had a few of their beauty boxes before as you know and this one I was not going to miss out on. Tracey from Face Up Beauty was the first to mention it and gave me the heads up that is was coming out. I even set a reminder on my phone so I didn't forget. I'm really into my skincare and cosmeceuticals now and this box is fantastic value for money.


Highcross Blogger Event

Leicester Highcross shopping

I'm a little ashamed to say this post is a bit late. It's the usual excuse that my surgery and feeling rubbish got in the way but I'm catching up so here it is! Towards the end of 2015 I attended a blogger event at the Highcross Shopping centre in Leicester. It was an intimate, cosy affair with just 4 bloggers in attendance and we were told to meet at Bills for cocktails. Bill's is located where all the Highcross eateries are and they cater for every occasion. You can pop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner  and it has such a relaxed, informal and ever so friendly atmosphere, if you've not been, you need to and you can check out the website here. My cocktail of choice was the hedgerow fizz, you know me, anything with prosecco and I'm all over it!


An introduction to the Drops of Youth from The Body Shop

The other week I was invited along to a blogger event at The Body Shop for a little introduction to the Drops of Youth range. Although this range has been around for a while, there were some new additions to the youth enhancing skincare and I was certainly intrigued to find out more as I'd not tried any of it before.


My Week in photos #3

I thought this week was going to be a quiet one and that I'd not have much too show you in the way of photos and chitter chatter but oh no, quite another full on one really. I was secretly hoping it would be a bit slower as I've still got this damn cold lingering on, it's been three weeks now and quite frankly I am sick of it! I feel like rubbish and I most definitely LOOK like rubbish, pale and washed out, huge eye bags and flat lifeless hair. As you've probably already gathered from My week in photos #1 and #2 my weeks tend to start slowly which is rather nice, then pick up pace about mid week. This week's does have quite a lot of photos so you've been warned. 


The Kitchen at The Cookie launch night

The kitchen launch party Leicester The Cookie music comedy

As a blogger I'm very fortunate to be invited along to a few events, some local, some not so local and last Thursday night I was invited along with a few other local bloggers to the launch of The Kitchen at The Cookie, Leicester. Now for those that don't know The Cookie is a well established music & comedy venue in the city hosting some well known names and The Kitchen is its latest addition. I'd actually not been before so was excited to see the place and get to sample some of the new menu.


My week in photos #2

Well, that was another fairly busy one! I hope you all had a good week? The beginning of the week saw me going back to work after 8 weeks off and my goodness it was a shock to the system I can tell you. Heading off to work in the cold and dark is not my idea of fun, I just wanted my cosy bed. I'm not a morning person, oh no, Mr C will confirm that fact, and I've really loved getting up at whatever time I wanted and just putting my face on and getting dressed when the mood took me, you know being generally lazy. Anyway, it's back to the reality of work but I'm very lucky in that I only work two days, the rest of the time is all mine for bloggy stuff! Now this 'ere 'My week in photos' I'm going to do my best to get one up every week for you, but I can't promise I'll get into the 50 numbers because that depends if I have anything interesting to show you, but I'll do my very best. 


SkinCeuticals AOX Lip complex review

SkinCeuticals AOX lip complex review

I hate how dry my lips always are. Not just because it's winter, they're always the same whatever  the weather.  I've tried so many balms yet none seem to give me the hydration my lips crave. The lips don't have any sebaceous glands so they need to be constantly moisturised and the outer edge (the vermilion boarders) loose their smoothness with age. My lips are quite lined now, due to various reason I think, but I guess the truth is I've never really looked after them, not really used any type of SPF on them and now I regret it. The lines are ageing and I hate them when I look in the mirror. I wanted to see if there was something that could perhaps try and reverse what I was seeing. I'd read a few reviews on the SkinCeuticals AOX Lip Complex which were all really good so thought I'd take the plunge and buy one. 


My week in photos #1

What a busy week it's been! Mr C went away to Portugal at the beginning of the week for 'work' as he calls it. It's the kind of work where you have to take your golf clubs along with you. Weird! Anyway, it was my last week before going back to work next Tuesday. I've had 8 weeks off, which has actually gone really quick. I had 6 weeks off on sick leave after my surgery then as I had to use up my annual leave I took two weeks off over Christmas and New Year. It's going to be hard getting back into it, it'll be a shock to the system that's for sure, I've gotten used to getting up at my leisure, bit of breakfast, doing my make-up really nicely, as I had all the time in the world, and then just taking the day as it comes. Emily it still off after her op (her cast comes off next week) so we thought we'd make the most of our last full week together. Not surprisingly it's been a week of shopping and food! Well, when the cats away............


Goals and aspirations for 2016

I'm not a very positive person, very pessimistic indeed shall we say, and I hate myself for it, it's a good job my husband is the total opposite to me, but come New Years day something comes over me and I always have this real positive feeling inside which excites me for the brand new 365 days that lay ahead. My mind's overly active with grand ideas about my blog, a small business, travel, home, you name it, it's all whizzing around in that little brain of mine but whether any of them will come to fruition is another matter. It's highly likely they won't, I mean 'highly' likely! Probably never likely in the next five years never mind this one! It's funny, my goals and ideas for 2016 seem very similar to the ones for 2015! I'm positive about it all one minute, and the next I'm all like "who the hell am I kidding?", I just can't help this stinking thinking as my husband calls it, it's in my DNA. BUT..........we've all got to have goals in life haven't we? On that note I'd thought I'd share mine with you, thinking that if I write them down here in black and white I've got to try my hardest, not that I don't of course but life just sometimes gets in the way which I'm sure you totally get!


Optimum PhytoDeluxe range || Review

As we age our skin and it's needs change and woman are often on the hunt for a great moisturiser to help revive their skin. Thing is some of these moisturisers that promise amazing results, firmness and radiance amongst other things often come with a ridiculous price tag. Well, say hello to the PhytoDeluxe range, two new moisturisers that Superdrug have added to their Optimum collection. Aimed at women 40+ and at a price that is totally affordable. 


Christmas and New Year round-up

Let me begin with wishing each and every one of you a Happy New Year but wow didn't it all go so fast. I don't really know what happened, one day it was Christmas Eve, then I blinked and found myself in 2016! I've had the best time with my wonderful family and friends, taking time to relax, laugh, watch TV and eat my own body weight in food (that I really didn't need), I made the conscious decision too to fully switch off from my blog which is why I'm only bringing this post to you now......seems quite alien tapping away on a keyboard.  It's quite a long one so thought it best to break it down into chunks and put some of the photos in a collage as there's so many. Grab a cuppa, get comfy.
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