Alpaca trekking in the Charnwood Forest

Prepare for cuteness overload.


Summer Stripes, off the shoulder & a trip to Rufford Abbey country park

Striped culottes from Primark \ Broderie anglaise white bardot top \ white sandals

So, the heatwave continues in the UK. Can you believe it?! The summer we're having is kind of off the scale. I mean, I've not slept properly for what feels like weeks and have the urge to sit in the freezer every half hour, but I wouldn't change it, and long may it continue. Let's all pray to the sunshine gods! Although, I have to put my hands up and say I've done barely any housework since the temperatures sky rocketed, it's just too hot to do anything, to move even! Empty the dishwasher, have to have a sit down. Make a cuppa, have a sit down. Take out the rubbish, have a sit down. And as for the ironing. FORGET IT. #melting


A confident day with Playtex

Playtex lingerie set \ plum colour \ floral lace \ underwired bra \ brazilian briefs

I was a little unsure of how to bring this post to you and style this lingerie set that was very kindly gifted to me by Playtex*. A flat lay was what first came to mind but then I thought that doesn't actually bring the lingerie to life so you can see it properly does it? Having just turned 49 I wasn't sure either that I should be flaunting myself all over the internet [again] in my bra and knickers but then I thought, I've done it before when I wrote the post about feeling sexy in your forties, okay not so much belly on show in that one, so what the hell, might as well do it again, in for a penny..........
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