Nails inc Savile Row

Sorry this is a quick post today folks, not my usual grab yourself a cuppa and read for hours kinda post! You're probably quite relieved about that aren't you?


Bad hair days and my new magic dust.

My hair and I have a love hate relationship.


A Sunday stroll and a mountain to climb

Happy Monday everyone. 


Brixham Battery Museum and Us!

Where were we? Oh yeah, stuffed to the gills, eyes bigger than our bellies, when we left part one. Sorry for the delay with this post, the final part of our Devon adventures, but you know what it's like, stuff happens and before you know it another week has gone by!


Blood Swept Lands and seas of red at the tower of london

Today is the day we remember them all


The 10K Wolf Run at Stanford Hall

When Mr C announced he had signed up for the Wolf Run this November, I didn't for one minute think he would do it. You see, Mr C's been telling everyone he's going to do our local half marathon for the last couple of years and that's not happened yet. He goes to the gym regularly and he was gently persuaded by some of the group there to do it, but I'll give him his due, he was excited about it and said he would train hard! 


What's in my Glamour Beauty Power list box

This is my second Glamour beauty box from Latest In Beauty and I was just as excited to receive it as I was the first one. Let's lift the lid and look inside.


Day tripping to Dartmouth by Trains, boats and automobiles.

Back in part one I mentioned that we took a trip out to Dartmouth whilst on our Devon adventures. We started off by car, heading off to Churston station, a quaint little heritage steam railway station but I somehow think Sarah.R has gone overboard with the packing for a day out. I told her to travel light! 
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