Experiencing the Hydrafacial at Hampton Clinic

Disclaimer: This is not me. I know I might have thrown you there for a minute!! I so wish it was me though :D


Visiting Stratford Upon Avon || Things to do

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It's coming up to that time of year [spring and lighter nights rapidly approaching] when we all start to think about little day trips or weekends away so I thought now would be a good time to share our day out in Stratford Upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. We actually went at the end of September last year but I never got round to posting these. We sadly couldn't stay overnight so a day trip it was but we made the most of it and even though it was nearly October we had glorious weather! I'll warn you now this one's a bit picture heavy! 


Why you need a silk pillowcase in your life

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You know I love all thing beauty and by now you'll probably know that I'm a sucker for any creams, lotion, potions or gadget that claims to make me look even a little bit better. Not many products live up to the job or deliver on their promises, although they've got their work cut out with my skin admittedly! Most mornings I wake up looking like Worzel Gummidge, only with more wrinkles, and like my face could do with a good iron!! For those not familiar with Worzel Gummidge you'll find him on Google! Good old Google eh?
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