Tips to unwind, pamper and sleep better

Tips to unwind, pamper and sleep better \ beauty products to help you relax \ Priceless Life of Mine \ over 40 lifestyle blog

I don't know about you but for me January sometimes feels like the gloomiest month of the year. Wet, miserable days and darks nights [bloggers nightmare] can leave you feeling a bit low and miserable can't it? The weather definitely affects my mood. On top of that I don't sleep well at all and it's not a good combination, just ask Mr C!! :) Fear not though, we're coming out the other side now.


Blazers and stripes all day long, over 40 style

Casual look featuring Topshop ciao slogan striped long sleeved top and blazer \ fashion \ style \ Priceless Life of Mine \ Over 40 lifestyle blog

What do you do when it's been raining for a few days and you can't get out and take your outfit shots? Take them in your lounge of course! 


Let me introduce you.........

For my first post of 2018 I thought I'd share some love and introduce you to some fabulous women from the blogosphere that I follow and that inspire me all the time. I personally find it so easy to get disheartened and downbeat about my blog, often thinking about giving it all up, more so the latter part of last year when I felt my heart just wasn't fully in it (for various reasons) but I see theses ladies and they make me want to carry on.
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