Bodega Cantina Spring menu launch | Leicester

A few weeks back I was invited along to one of my favourite local restaurants, Bodega Cantina. They were launching their new spring menu and they invited a few of us blogger types along to see what we thought. My first review of Bodega was back in 2016 when they first opened their doors. 


Styling H&M lace, over 40 style

H&M lace blouse \ Priceless Life of Mine \ over 40 lifestyle blog

Hey! I said I'd show you this H&M lace blouse in more detail, so here it is with exciting news too! I wore it for Emily's 21st birthday celebrations the other night so you may have seen it on my Insta stories. Emily just wanted to go out for a meal with the family on her actual birthday, the Thursday night, as her lovely boyfriend had planned a surprise weekend away. Sounds easy to organise you might think, hell no, we have a rather large family, 43 of us to be exact [and that's not all of us] went out for a bite to eat. Thing is there aren't many places that can accommodate that many people all together; most can take around 20 at best! Anyway, we came up trumps with a local [and stunning] hotel, Rothley Court, who booked us into their private dining area. They dressed the room and tables beautifully for us and the staff were so attentive. Emily was so, so happy and had the best night with all the people she loves the most.


The Chanel inspired jacket, over 40 style

Fashion shoot at Leicester Cathedral \ Chanel inspired cream jacket  from Zara \ 40plus style \ Priceless Life of Mine \ over 40 lifestyle blog

Yes, this is a fashion post but I feel the need to tell you how we got to this location. Bear with me. Last weekend we played tourist in our own city. When I say tourist, I mean we went along to the Cathedral, we've never been despite living in Leicester our whole life, paid our respects to Richard III, got a bite to eat and had cocktails. We didn't plan any of this which was the nice thing, it just happened. We have a small town close by and that's generally where we'll go if we need anything, only going into the main city centre if we have to. Well, last Saturday we had to, to get some glasses for Nick, he needs glasses for driving, TV and reading, yep it's an age thing, and on the way back to the car Nick suggested we get some lunch somewhere.
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