Getting into the fitness training zone Make a change with M&Co

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I didn't make any new years resolutions this year, and it's a good job I didn't because to be perfectly honest I think I would have struggled to keep them as I've had this nasty virus from Boxing day right up until a couple of days ago BUT I have vowed to get back on the fitness train in the next week or so and new work out gear always gives that little bit of motivation to get you going doesn't it? M&Co recently got in touch to see if I wanted to try out their new Training Zone range, their brand new activewear collection for men,women and children, perfect for any type of activity.


Winter skin saviours for 30 plussers & beyond || night time routine

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I recently covered my daytime routine on here so now it's time to tell you about the products I currently use in the evening. As I said in my daytime post I've switched my cosmeceutical products from Jan Marini to ZO Skin health but also combine that with other brands too at the moment as I'm working my way up to getting more of the ZO products when budget will allow! 


Winter skin saviours for 30 plussers & beyond || Daytime routine

Winter skin saviours beauty ZO Skin health Jan Marini Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

Over the last 12-18 months I've switched my skincare around quite a bit. Being in my 40's I really need to be using products that work and produce results, not just surface results but deep down in the skin kinda results! Everything I buy seems to have the words 'anti-aging' slapped all over them these days *sigh* but there's no getting away from it, I'm getting old!


Silidyn review || A silicon supplement for strong bones & nails, better skin & healthier hair

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Many of you will know I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis and I was intrigued when a recent opportunity came my way.  I was offered the chance to take part in a blogger trial through the Thirty Plus blogger group which involves taking a liquid silicon supplement over an 8 week period aimed at providing benefits to the hair, skin, nails and the bit that got me, connective tissues and bones. I read up on the product, put my name forward and received my bottle of Silidyn*, the UK's most advanced silicon supplement. 


Christmas & New Year all wrapped up for you

Christmas 2016 New Year Priceless Life of Mine over 40 lifestyle blog

This isn't one of those posts all about what I got for Christmas. It's just a quick look at our celebrations for Christmas and New Year, what we got up to with pics from snapchat (stephaniec41), Insta and my camera, and all I can say is that it involved waaayyy too much food and drink. Mainly drink!  
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