New scent on the block || The Body Shop Italian summer fig

The Body Shop perfume Italian summer fig

Hi lovlies. Hope you're all having a great week so far? I want to tell you about, no, actually shout about, a new fragrance from The Body Shop. Say hello to Italian Summer fig. I am going to be doused in this fragrance for the rest of summer. Ok, so perhaps we haven't even had a summer yet, is it on the way? Who knows, but wearing this makes me feel like it is summer, so that'll have to do for now. I love The Body Shop and their products just get better and better, although I will admit I've not been a wearer of their fragrances since my teenage years when the smell of White musk filled my bedroom and I got through crate loads of the stuff before heading off to the roller disco. Ahh......teenage memories of long, long ago.


HD brows eye and brow palette in Vamp

HD Brows palette eyebrows

You'll have been burying your head in the sand if you've not noticed how important brows are right now. Everyone's plucking, preening and shaping to get that well groomed perfect eyebrow. Me included. I do love having my HD brow treatment at my local salon and on my last visit I decided to pick up the new HD eye and brow palette. I'd got the previous one but it's so old and manky I'd convinced myself I needed the new one.


So what is oil pulling?

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You've probably noticed that everyone's talking about coconut oil these days. It's in health food stores, online and even in your local supermarket now. What made my ears prick up was the fact people were saying they were using it to whiten their teeth, and we all want white teeth don't we, so a few months back I bought my first jar, a very large one at that, well, I thought in for a penny in for a pound! I was about to begin my oil pulling journey. 


Build a beauty blog workshop with Antonia Mariconda

Early in June I attended a blogger event on how to set up a beauty blog. It was being run by Antonia Mariconda, award winning beauty writer, blogger, entrepreneur, coach, founder of the safety in beauty campaign, the list goes on, and all round superwoman, and yes I was nervous, about meeting a room full of strangers and Antonia herself. I know it sounds really daft but I felt slightly intimidated by this woman, successful, powerful, beautiful and I'd not even met her, what was wrong with me?BUT, let me tell you, I need't have worried. 


Glamour summer edit beauty box || Latest in Beauty

Say hello to my new beauty box full of summer goodies. At last, summer is here and holiday season is nearly upon us. I ordered my first beauty box from Latest In Beauty last August and was chuffed with everything in it. I love Latest in Beauty as there's no monthly subscription involved, you just buy as and when the mood takes you. 
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