Zara Prince of Wales check dress

Zara long sleeve Prince of Wales check dress \ Priceless Life of Mine \ Over 40 lifestyle blog

I'm a little bit in love with the Prince of Wales check pieces if you hadn't already noticed. I bought this dress before I got my POW blazer actually and it's so comfy to wear. 


Four great concealers for the 40plus woman

Four great concealers for 40plus women \ Priceless Life of Mine \ over 40 lifestyle blog

I've struggled for a little while finding the right concealer for my skin, it's like chasing that perfect foundation, most of them are just too drying, especially around my eyes and end up sitting in my creases making me look 100 years old! None of us want that do we ladies?! 


Grey check blazer - The must have item this season

New Look grey check blazer Prince of Wales check

Everyone has the check blazer, or so it seems. And now, so do I!


Jan Marini hyla 3D HA lip complex / review

Jan Marini hyla 3d lip product review

I've been quite vocal of late telling you how I've really upped my game looking after my skin and I'm certainly seeing results. I'm throwing in acids, vitamin C and retinol but have to be honest I tend to forget about my lips even though I really dislike them and I'd change them tomorrow if I could!


The White Company -Wild Rhubarb candle

The White Company \ wild rhubarb candle \ review \ home \ home fragrance \ scent \ limited edition \ Priceless Life of Mine \ Over 40 lifestyle blog

I have another fabulous candle to shout about. 
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