Woohoo.......A little Birthday giveaway!

Did you know it was my blog's birthday yesterday?


A year on, I'm still here and why I love it so!

Happy Birthday to my amazing blog. It's a year old.


The liebster blog award

Ok, so I log into my Twitter account today to find a tweet from the lovely Alyssa Melanie who writes over at Ang Savvy informing me that she had nominated me for the Liebster Award. I was a tad confused at first and  I didn't even know what the Liebster award was! I checked with my best friend, Google and now understand it's an 'award' passed on from blogger to blogger, a way for bloggers to help promote one another and help us all to connect. How very nice!


Devon Adventures, pirate fights and cream teas all round.

You have been warned, this is a long one! Grab a cuppa and park your backside. 


OOTD :Monochrome scratch print dress

I met my mum, sister and aunties for coffee the other week and after we said our goodbyes I found myself browsing the shops in the area where we'd met. It's like a (very) mini shopping park. It has a store called Outfit which houses Warehouse, Topshop, and Dorothy Perkins amongst others. I'm not really one for impulse purchases but I saw this dress, (I'm really into dresses at the moment) fell in love with it and knew it had to be mine. Before I knew it I was at the checkout stuffing my payment card in the machine! 


OOTD:H&M jersey stripes & a handbag for everything.

Here it is. 


Kiko cosmetics

Whilst day tripping in Malaga we mooched around the shops at the port and came across a gorgeous looking make up store. Kiko cosmetics. Clean lines, real sleek looking, Sarah and I were enticed in, picked up a basket and started to shop! We didn't need much encouragement I can tell you.


White chocolate and mascarpone tart recipe

Who doesn't love a good tart? These are just too good to resist. And so bloomin easy to make (with a little cheat method!)


My Titanic Spa experience

In September my friend and I booked ourselves into the the Titanic Spa for an overnight break. Excited doesn't cover it. I'd heard great things from another friend who went there on her daughters hen do and ever since then I've been desperate to pay them a visit. I'd signed up to their regular newsletters and when an amazing offer dropped into my inbox it was too good to refuse. It was quite short notice so I asked Sarah if she'd be interested. A no-brainer for her, she's been to quite a few spa's and told me to book right away!


Paloma Park, a barrel of laughs, a near miss and more ice cream. (Part 3)

Ok, so let's get this out of the way. I'm Sorry. Sorry for the delay with part three of our holiday adventure. It's just that I've been really busy and 'stuff' took over but I've got my blogging vibe well and truly back.


My summer as told by Instagram

What's the best thing since sliced bread. Instagram silly! I'm well and truly hooked.
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