The jumpsuit | Over 40 style

Green Primark pal leaf jumpsuit \ tie belt \ trilby hat \ brown sandals

I love a jumpsuit. Despite the fact that every time you need a wee it becomes a mammoth task, in the loo for hours, wrestling to get the thing off, arms flailing everywhere! Right? Let's not talk about the ones that have that zip that you just can't reach and you need a second pair of hands in the loo!!! 


Coolsculpting at Hampton Clinic- My experience & your questions answered

Coolsculpting \ Hampton Clinic \ Solihill \ West Midlands \ fat freezing \ cryolipolysis \ Priceless Life of Mine \ over 40 lifestyle blog

Four weeks ago I had Coolsculpting* at Hampton Clinic. You may have seen snippets of my treatment on my Insta stories. I want to tell you about my experience and I've had lots of questions about the treatment itself so I'll talk you through it and hopefully I'll answer all of them for you in this post. It's a long one mind!
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