Blogger friends || Virtual or reality?

Well it's 31st December and another year is coming to a rapid close. It's that time to reflect again isn't it and look back at the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm gonna leave the bad and the ugly out of this one and just talk about the good things that have come my way because of blogging. And that's friends. Whether they be virtual or real friends, they're my friends. My family often joke that I have 'pretend' friends, the ones who are not really there and ones I will never see in person. Yes, they are my online friends but that doesn't mean they're not around to listen and offer advice. 


Winter casuals featuring turtle necks & lift & shape jeans!

winter casuals fashion New Look M&Co jeans Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

Keeping it casual is my thing! Don't get me wrong I love to play dress up (no, get your mind out the gutter, not in that way!) but you can't beat casual for everyday chilling can you? I'm really loving big, hang over your hands type jumpers right now and this light grey turtle neck is my fave. It's from New Look and comes in at a bargain £9.99.


Throwing on the comfy clothes & winding down (a little)

Time to chill Topshop Neppy joggers Primark Christmas jumper Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

Phew...... it's been a hectic few weeks. We've been really busy helping our daughter get ready to go to France for the ski season (she flew out last weekend & we're missing her like mad already!) Add Christmas into the mix and it all becomes a bit bonkers, I've felt like a headless chicken in all honesty, BUT, things are slowly coming together and I'm feeling a little calmer, I think ! 😀


Feeling festive with Baileys Eggnog

Baileys eggnog Christmas Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

It's now just a week before Christmas and I know we're all asking the same question, "how the hell did that happen?" but it's here so do you fancy some eggnog?


SkinChemists Advanced Caviar range

SkinChemists Advanced Caviar range anti-ageing Pricelesslife Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

I've worked with SkinChemists before when I tried the Snail Duo moisturiser (which you can read about here) and they recently got in touch to see if I would like to try a couple of items from their Advanced Caviar range. The name of the range alone oozes quality and luxury and it doesn't disappoint.


Follione to help with hair loss & maximise growth

Follione review hair growth hair loss Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

As I've gotten older I've most definitely noticed a change in the condition of my hair. Slow down in growth, quite drastically actually, thinning, breakage and more split ends. The slow down in growth I've really noticed over the last 4/5 years, it just doesn't to want to grow at all and I don't like.


Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection || KIM KW

Charlotte Tilbury review KIM K.W Hot Lips collection Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

A little while back I bought a lipstick from the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips collection in the shade Secret Salma as I wanted to try a shade that was a tad brighter, more daring, for me anyway. Whilst there though my eyes automatically drifted to my usual go-to shades, NUDE and I made a mental note to try the shade KIM K.W the next time round. It had my name written all over it, well Kim's, but yeah.


Afternoon Tea at The Exchange in Leicester

The Exchange Leicester Bottomless Sunday Afternoon tea Priceless Life of Mine over 40 lifestyle blog

I'm quite partial to afternoon tea and I've had a few, but this one was special in more ways than one. My lovely friend Emmie from Carpe Diem Emmie won afternoon tea for two in an Instagram competition and decided to take me along with her as her date for the afternoon, which was super nice as we hadn't seen each other for a little while and not really had the chance to have a good natter outside of the regular blogger events. 


Vuelio Blog Awards 2016 ||The Brewery London

Vuelio blog awards London Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

Last Friday I found myself at the Vuelio blog awards in London. To be honest when I got the email invite I thought they'd sent the invite to me by mistake and it was meant for someone else. But no, it was for little old me. Turns out my friend Radhika from Radhika Recommends had also had an invite so we decided to go together, stay over and make the most of it. Bring on the party!
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