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A few weeks back we headed to London for the weekend, taking Emily and her bestie, Danielle. You can read about our Les Mis trip here, it was an amazing weekend and as predicted by Mr C the girls ended up doing some real therapy on Oxford Street. We hit the coffee shop to rest our weary pins whilst they did some damage. Being the end of January all the sales were still on and I couldn't resist a sneaky little peek in a couple of shops and guess what? I managed to snag myself a couple of bargains. 


Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lipstick

Hi everyone, 

A few weeks back now I sent out a tweet asking for help and advice. At the ripe old age of nearly *cough* 46 I decided it was about time I owned a red lipstick and I wanted to know the best one for my rapidly ageing, lined, wrinkly nearly 46 year old lips! The wonderful Caroline Hirons suggested I give Estée Lauder colour envy a try. So off I trotted into town. 

As I approached the Estée Lauder counter an immaculately made up young girl, she must have been all of 20, asked if I needed help. After scanning her face, and seeing not one line, or any smudged lips or smudged eyeliner in sight I felt like hot footing it out of there with the words "no thanks, just browsing!" stopping her sales patter dead. Thing is, these make up counters in department stores fill me with dread if I'm honest. Snooty sales assistants, crap lighting and every tom, dick and harry watching you, stifling their laughter as you are being made up to look like some sort of clown! Have you been there? Can't be just me. Why is it they promise you one thing and you end up looking like something totally different, the most 'amazing' foundation that makes you look like you've been tangoed ten times over, and lips and eyes that wouldn't be out of place on a drag queen! I think you get the idea that I've not had great experiences. BUT, this 20 something was soooo lovely (and beautiful) I found myself parking my bum on her stool before she could say "what are you looking for today?".

Red lipstick I told her. She didn't laugh and say "you might be a bit too old for red love", no she set to work finding what she thought was the right shade for me. 

Estée Lauder colour envy lipstick

Now you're probably thinking "hold on a minute, that's not red, that's pink" and yep you'd be quite right. You see, she started off with quite a bright red, no way, it made me look so washed out and pale, yet I do see paled skinned girls rocking a red lip so why did it look so damn bad on me? I must admit I'd not had a great nights sleep the night before, in fact I never get a goods nights sleep these days, so perhaps that was the problem, eyes bags and wrinkly lips do not make for a good red lip. We went to a bit of paler shade, still no go, then eventually I told her to forget the red and lets try a pink.


A little bedroom inspiration

I've been looking for a bit of bedroom inspiration as I'm hoping to do some re-decorating of my own bedroom very soon, and we all know the place for inspiration don't we? Pinterest of course!


Benefit Rollerlash // Review

Benefit Rollerlash mascara review
I was asking that very question myself to be honest. What's so special about Rollerlash and what is all the fuss about? Benefit sure do go 'all out' when their new products are released, with great marketing and PR, making sure us woman hear all about it, leaving us wanting to try the new 'it' product and see what all the hype is about. I wasn't one of the fortunate ones to be sent a sample so as soon as I heard Elle magazine were giving away a free sample I had to get one, so promptly sent hubby out to the shops and told him in no uncertain terms to come home without one! Lucky for him he got a copy, the last one he said, at our local supermarket. 


Tidy handbag. Tidy Mind | Let's get organised

Some of you may remember that in June last year, my birthday actually, I got my first Mulberry handbag. You can read that post here. I will always be madly in love with it. I got the bayswater tote as it can hold shedloads of stuff, and boy do I carry some rubbish around, but it has no sectioning inside, apart from one tiny pocket, and that holds my phone. It's just one big space for all your daily junk to rattle around in and I found myself getting constantly infuriated, hands fishing around inside trying to find, purse, keys, hand cream, whatever it may be. There was no place for anything and nothing had a place. I needed a solution. 


A Les Misérables treat for daughter number two

You may be totally fed up now of my various posts from my trips to London so please feel free to skip this one, shame on you, but skip if you like, I'll still love you.
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