Outfit of the Day for London Fashion Weekend

I thought I'd quickly show you my outfit from London Fashion Weekend. I attended on the Friday with Radhika from Radhika Recommends and we both had a fab day. Even though our feet were on fire from all the standing and walking we managed to find ourselves a side street with the most beautiful houses for our backdrop and of course Radhika and I were picking which one we wanted to live in. In all honesty we must have taken these shots in five seconds flat with Mr C's assistance, as we were desperate to rest our feet and get some food in our bellies!


French road trip (part one) || Camping in Guignicourt

Let me tell you about our little adventure. A mini road trip if you will. We crammed quite a lot in so I'm breaking it down into 2 or 3 posts.


Best of BECCA blushed radiance kit review || Beauty

BECCA review Flowergirl blusher highlighter QVC Backlight priming filter

I dipped my toe into the world of BECCA cosmetics late last year. They're known for their highlighters aren't they and every Tom, Dick and Harry was talking about champagne pop so I took the plunge, ordered it all the way from the states, and I was hooked! Then a few weeks back I bought the TILI beauty box which had the BECCA backlight priming filter in it and I fell in love with that too, so, when my friend Sarah told me about yet another offer on QVC I knew I had to have it. That's the reason I love QVC so much, you can try anything, all the make up and if you don't like it you can send it back within 30 days. You can't say fairer than that can you?


Time for tea || What's your bag?

tea matcha teapigs Priceless Life of Mine

I love my tea. We have some much of the stuff in our house. All different varieties and flavours. However, they're not mine. The belong to my son Tom. Me? I'm just a regular tea-bag kinda girl. Dunk it and go. If you know me you know I like it not too strong, no builders tea that you can stand your spoon up in, but not too milky, somewhere in the middle, just right! I could start a debate here about whether the milk goes in first or last, but we'll not bother because it's first!! :)


ZO skin Health & my new beauty regime

ZO Skin health Obagi skincare cosmeceuticals Anti-aging Priceless Life of Mine

Skin. We've all got it. Yet everyone's is very different. I don't like mine at all although I've got it till the bitter end so I'm doing my best to look after it but it often makes me work hard and makes me despair sometimes. You may think that sounds really dramatic but it's not. My friend Sarah knows exactly where I'm coming from with this as we have more or less the same skin type that just doesn't seem to behave itself no matter what you do. We both have crappy skin and I know she won't mind me saying that as we're often comparing the size of our spots!  :( (True friends)


Calke Abbey || The Un-stately Home

Calke Abbey National Trust Priceless Life of Mine

Mr C and I took a trip out the other day. We've been saying for a long time that we should visit Calke Abbey as it's fairly close to where we live but never managed it, well, that's now ticked off the list.


Parure Gold from Guerlain, my number 1 foundation right now || Beauty

Guerlain Parure gold foundation skin makeup cosmetics

I have issues with foundation. And foundation has issues with me. Well, my skin, not me personally. Right from being a teenager I've struggled to find THE one for me. I've always had oily skin, spotty skin, and dull-ish skin, my I was blessed with shit skin wasn't I? Thanks mother. Every foundation always ending up sliding off my face by midday. All I've ever wanted is one that covers all those troublesome blemishes, looks flawless and natural and makes you glow. Not too much to ask is it?! Oh and one more thing, it mustn't make my ever increasing wrinkles more obvious.


Primark arrives at Fosse Park Leicester

Primark Leicester Fosse Park lifestyle fashion

Last Thursday I was invited, along with local press to the opening of the latest Primark store in Leicester. This store has been a long time coming and everyone I know has been looking forward to and longing for it to be open. It was quite exciting being shown in by security and taken up to the staff area for coffee and croissants. It was an early-ish start let me say, we had to be there for 8.45am and I'd left really early to pick up fellow blogger buddies and none of us had breakfast before we left. The coffee was very welcome I can tell you! The celebratory cake in the shot below was made by a member of staff, a manager I think, how bloody amazing is that?!
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