L'Oreal Color Riche Matte Addiction -Blush in a rush

L'Oreal color riche matte addiction review \ Blush in a rush \ lipsitck \ beauty \ makeup \ matte \ Priceless Life of Mine \ Over 40 lifestyle blog

I need to tell you about my new lipstick.


Rambling rose swimsuit from UK Swimwear

UK Swimwear \ swimsuit \ review \ rambling rose \ holiday \ monochrome \ fashion \ Priceless Life of Mine \ Over 40 lifestyle blog

Yessss!!!!!! As I write this the sun is shining and it's hot. Not just warm, but HOT, and the weather people have predicted high temperatures for the weekend. Hallelujah! I wanted to get this post done a couple of weeks ago but due to personal stuff going on I've not had the chance and I've not been able to get away anywhere to get the shots I wanted, no beach, no water, no stunning backdrop, so had to make do, although I'm pretty pleased the sun came out for these ones. 


Life Defence from Templespa

Life Defence \ review \ Templespa \ skincare \ beauty \ SPF \ Priceless Life of Mine \ over 40 lifestyle blog

I want to share my latest beauty secret with you.
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