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I've talked about my skin, and the problems I have with it, on this blog many a time. As I've gotten older my skincare routine has become really important to me and I'm now throwing everything at it, going real hard core. I mean I'm not literally just throwing any old thing at it obviously, but really considering what I'm putting on my skin these days and what benefits it has. I've brought in all the anti-aging big guns, retinols, vitamin c, and all sorts of acids. I wrote a couple of posts a while back about my routines which you can read here and here but I will be doing a more up to date post on my current skincare including all the products I'm now using. More recently I've also added a skin roller into the mix. Even though I've only recently added it, I've been thinking about it for quite some time. Last year I had a collagen PIN treatment at a clinic and knew then that I wanted something similar that I could do at home.

Skin roller \ micro needling \ Swiss clinics \ beauty \ review \ anti-aging \ skin renewal \ Priceless Life of Mine \ Over 40 lifestyle blog

Also referred to as micro needling, but what is it? 

A skin roller is a hand held device that has surgical steel needles that reach the inner surface of the skin. This one from Swiss Clinics has 540 needles, and as you pass it over the skin it basically makes micro channels causing the skin to respond as if it's been damaged. It then triggers the healing process from within and helps to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, which we all know depletes rapidly as we age. The micro channels also help the skin, quite dramatically, to absorb more of the product you apply immediately afterwards.

A skin roller helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, aged and sun damaged skin, stretch marks and lines and wrinkles on the décolleté.

Skin roller \ micro needling \ Swiss clinics \ beauty \ review \ anti-aging \ skin renewal \ Priceless Life of Mine \ Over 40 lifestyle blog

So how do you use it & does it hurt? 

If you have micro needling at a clinic they often use larger needles and the treatment is more intense, sometimes requiring a bit of down time but 'at home' rollers are different and the needles a shorter length. I did a bit of research and decided on the 0.5mm roller from Swiss Clinics. They offer a 0.2mm but the 0.5mm was definitely for me as that length helps more with deeper lines and wrinkles and overall facial rejuvenation for more mature skin. 

In the evening, starting with completely clean skin I work on my face in sections, my forehead first, then cheeks, chin, finishing with nose and under the eyes. I then tackle my neck and décolleté. I take the roller back and forth, with a firm-ish pressure, rolling in multiple directions, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, taking care not to rush, you don't want to damage your skin. So, does it hurt? You can feel it, don't get me wrong, perhaps a little more so because I'm using the 0.5mm, I mean you're rolling 540 needles all over your face, but I wouldn't say it's exactly painful. I sometimes hear a tiny popping sound as it pierces the skin every now and then, but I don't want that to put you off, it really is not painful, it's hard to explain, maybe more of a tiny bit of discomfort, see, I think even that will put some people off, I guess you just have to trust me and try it! 

Your face WILL be red post rollering, but that's totally normal. I liken it to sunburn on your face, and that's what it feels like too, a bit stingy and warm, again this is with 0.5mm, it may be different with a shorter needle. And yes, I'm ashamed to admit I have had a sunburnt face a few times in the past. No more though. Factor 50 every day ladies!

Skin roller \ micro needling \ Swiss clinics \ beauty \ review \ anti-aging \ skin renewal \ Priceless Life of Mine \ Over 40 lifestyle blog

I opted for the skin renewal system which includes the skin rejuvenating serum. I apply this straight after all over my face, neck and chest. This helps to stimulate and renew the skin from within (remember it penetrates deeper after the roller) and on the surface. It helps with blood circulation and improves elasticity. I tend to just apply the serum and then nothing else. You can apply a night time moisturiser if you need it but you'll need to wait at least an hour before you do so. This serum makes my skin super soft and the next morning my skin is glowing and looks plump and healthy. On the odd occasion my skin can still look a little red in certain areas the next morning if I've gone a little hard but nothing major. Growth factors are ideal to use with your roller and in fact I need to get myself some more of the ZO growth factor serum as it's one of my all time favourite products, and of course it goes without saying if you're going to the effort of using a skin roller it's important to use good quality skincare morning and night.

I don't know about other brands but when you first get your roller Swiss clinics tell you to roller daily for 5-7 days, then allow the skin to rest for the same period before continuing with treatment. I think I managed about 4 days, then my skin got a little sore, so I backed off. I now roller once a week.

Skin roller \ micro needling \ Swiss clinics \ beauty \ review \ anti-aging \ skin renewal \ Priceless Life of Mine \ Over 40 lifestyle blog

I want to point out that this is not a sponsored post in any way, shape or form. I bought the products myself and chose Swiss Clinics after seeing a lot of reviews and doing my research. I very nearly bought a 0.3mm but glad I came across this one before I made my purchase. I'm so happy I finally started my skin roller journey, and it's here to stay as part of my routine because results, and I have to mention this, don't happen overnight, it takes time folks, weeks, months.

If you're interested in giving a roller a go please, please make sure you buy your roller from a professional, reputable company, there are lots of dodgy sellers out there, don't go for the cheap option, remember this is your face guys!!!

Is this something you'd be interested in? Do you have a roller yourself? 



  1. I've rolled myself this morning ! I love it.
    I had a professional set of treatments 2 years ago and I've never been able to afford to go back so findcthis helps.
    Thanks for sharing , Tracey xx [ Naughty Forty diaries]

    1. Thanks for reading Tracey, my roller will be a constant in my skincare routine fro now on!

  2. This is the second time I've seen this home treatment, and I may have to try this for myself. Thanks for sharing Hun. x Jacqui

    1. It's definitely becoming more popular. I'm loving the results so far and it's still early days for me. Worth giving it a go. x

  3. Thanks for this article. How is it going with the roller a few months down the line? I'm thinking of buying one but most reviews I've found (apart from this) are sponsored so I'm a bit sceptical. Would love to know if you're seeing some good results!


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