Build a beauty blog workshop with Antonia Mariconda

Early in June I attended a blogger event on how to set up a beauty blog. It was being run by Antonia Mariconda, award winning beauty writer, blogger, entrepreneur, coach, founder of the safety in beauty campaign, the list goes on, and all round superwoman, and yes I was nervous, about meeting a room full of strangers and Antonia herself. I know it sounds really daft but I felt slightly intimidated by this woman, successful, powerful, beautiful and I'd not even met her, what was wrong with me?BUT, let me tell you, I need't have worried. 

I arrived at the chic Soho Hotel a little early and was directed downstairs to the screening room. My nervous little legs took me down the stairs and bloody hell there she was, the woman herself, I think she'd popped out of the screening room for something so, shoulders back I took the bull by the horns, shook her hand, introduced myself and showed her the confident woman in me!

Just look at those seats!

Once everyone had settled down the workshop began. It was a full house with people at various levels, some having already set up their blog, like me, and others just thinking about it. Antonia began and everyone listened. We heard about Antonia's story, how she's got to where she is today, through sheer hard work and determination. She talked about the 10 steps to blogging success, finding your identity, setting up your blog and finding your voice but she also wasn't afraid to tell us of the things she'd done wrong and the mistakes she'd made along the way. I listened to every word she had to say. We also got some fabulous advice and tips from Mark Bugg, tech whizz, who went through things like choosing platforms, building your blog and getting it noticed, he didn't use technical jargon we couldn't understand, he explained everything plainly and simply. Antonia chipped in throughout putting her own questions to Mark, questions she knew we'd also like the answer to. Both Mark and Antonia were happy to answer every question we threw at them, and there were lots,  no matter how basic, they didn't snigger as though it had come from a 2year old!!!! Antonia also talked about the power of social media for your blog and what Antonia doesn't know about all social media is just not worth knowing.

After a couple of hours and a quick break we moved in the Indigo room. Check out the bright pink wallpaper! The seats were set out in rows again in here, personally I think it would have been better if we were sat at tables in groups so we could get to know each other. Our next guest speaker was Jane Cunningham, one of the UK's top beauty bloggers who writes at The British Beauty Blogger. Jane was very inspirational, talking of her early days getting into journalism to her work now as a beauty blogger. Sadly Jane's talk was over in a flash.

Antonia talked about a whole load more stuff that a beauty blogger, well, any blogger at all actually, needs to know but I'm not going to tell you it all because you should book on her next one and go find out for yourself. 

Antonia then introduced us to the person in the photo below, you probably recognise her face, and you jolly well should do! This beautiful lady is Fiona Longmuir, she writes over at the Escapologists Daughter, a brilliant blog and you should read. This is the Fiona who stood tall and proud in her bikini in Charing Cross tube station with her pal Tara showing the folks at Protein World and in fact the whole bloody world that everyone IS beach ready no matter what size or shape. It's the Fiona that then appeared on TV and everything! I insist you click here to read her posts about it all, after you've finished reading this obviously, and hey, guess what? Antonia guided and mentored her through the whole thing, giving her advice every step of the way, because thats what Antonia does. 

I also got to meet this delightful lady, Diane Knott, who I 'made friends' with on Facebook through Claire Campbell Adams. I came across Claire through one of the social media platforms, can't remember which one, but I do know it had something to do with Antonia!! Of course it did. We've been chatting ever since. I had booked tickets to Antonia's White party and knew I'd meet her there but sadly I couldn't go as something personal came up. Next time though. Claire is the nicest person ever so I've put a link to her blog here.

A shot of me and Antonia. Apologies for the shot of moi though. I really don't know what's going on with my face, it's all shiny and looks skew-whiff!!!!! I blame the awful lighting in that very pink room. 

After a fabulous four hours we all parted company but we didn't go away empty handed, ooh no, I could barely carry my overloaded goody bag, but I'm certainly not complaining. Now what was inside those goody bags is another story, and I'll tell you all about in the next instalment. 

It's funny in the short time that I've been blogging I've come to realise that some people just don't want to help you get along in the blogging world, I naively assumed everyone supported each other in the so called community but some (not all) are so not happy to give up their secrets or the knowledge they have, they keep it closely guarded. Not Antonia, she is so happy to impart all her knowledge, she wants to guide you, she wants to help you succeed. 

I had the best time at the workshop, Antonia is so warm, welcoming, friendly and down to earth, I just love the woman. Not to mention how beautiful and sexy she is, Grrrr!!!! I left feeling totally inspired with a new found passion and excitement. I had all these ideas in my head and was totally buzzing when I came out. My husband, who had been been mooching around the London streets, drinking numerous cups of coffee got both barrels when I came out, I was as high as him after his caffeine fix and I just wanted to tell him everything, he couldn't shut me up.  

Antonia has taught me that I am not just a blogger. I am a voice and boy am I gonna use it! Watch out.

Have you been to many blogger events? What's the best one? Who inspires you? 

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