Tea & cake on the river with Rosie and Jim || Tea Junction

Sundays in the Autumn are made for walks and last Sunday we went out for a stroll to one of our local country parks and made a beeline for a narrowboat cafe moored there for a short time. A friend had mentioned her visit and that it would be moving on shortly so we had to had to go. I mean who can resist scones and sundaes? 

We hopped on board and were greeted by Rosie and Jim!

Tea Junction is a delightful vintage narrow boat and totally cosy on board with knitted tea cosies, homemade jams and sweet treats galore. 

The owners of tea Junction spend their time travelling up and down the inland waterways, serving the great British public tea, coffee and superb cake. I mean it must be great to have your own cafĂ©, but a moving one, wow, what a way to spend your life, ever changing scenery and the amount of interesting people you must meet along the way. The boat was once a Thames trip boat, the new owners bought it and have worked hard to turn it into what it is now. You can read their full story onboard. 

It's so tranquil and peaceful and you can't help but sit and stare out of the window watching the river life pass by. They have put seats in down both sides so it is quite cosy but not an uncomfortable tight squeeze, although to work on there you'll need a qualification in walking sideways I'd imagine! 

We passed on the scones and sundaes and opted for a pot of tea for two and a slice of Victoria sponge with two forks! All the cakes are homemade and to be honest we couldn't decide on what to have so we started with the sponge and would then decide what to sample next. 

Light, fluffy and totally delicious it didn't take long to polish it off and make the decision that the Guinness chocolate cake was to be next! 

Oh my goodness, this beat the Victoria sponge hands down. A dense sponge but light, moist and melt in the mouth with an amazing flavour. Not being a drinker of Guinness or any type of ale/beer I thought the Guinness might take over and it be a little bitter but it wasn't at all. The portion was so huge we did have to leave a tiny bit on the plate.

Every bit of space is utilised on the boat, and it needs to be, just look at that tiny kitchen! 

Tea Junction was moored up in Birstall when we went and it's moving on to Thurmaston very shortly before heading south so you need to be quick and pay them a visit. It's a fab idea for walkers and cyclists and they do takeaway orders too for all those thirsty and hungry fisherman! 

Check them out on Facebook here and then you'll know exactly where to find them. 

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  1. Oooo that sounds fab! Heading down south next? I wonder if they'll be near our way? I want to try those cakes!! Yum!
    Heather x x

    1. It was so quirky and fun and as for the cakes!!!! Keep your eye out just incase they end up near you! xx

  2. This is amazing! Rosie and Jim is my biggest childhood flashback. My 5 year old self would have loved this! Lovely blog.


    1. I know Jess, me too, and I soon as I saw Rosie and Jim I went on a little trip down memory lane. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Wow what a completely different place to have yea! I love it - they need to moor up at Trent Embankment for a while so I can catch them! Beautiful way to spend an afternoon xx

    Sarah | www.seriouslyshallow.co.uk

    1. Hi Sarah. It's such a unique idea isn't it? You never know, keep an eye out on Facebook for their locations.


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