BECCA & Jaclyn Hill || Champagne Pop shimmering skin perfector

BECCA Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop shimmering skin perfector

There was so much hype and excitement around the launch of the champagne pop highlighter from BECCA in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill that just made me want one. I'd not tried it, had only seen it on my computer, skilfully applied to the most beautiful of faces, but goddamn it I wanted one for myself. I think this has been around since about July time but it wasn't and still isn't available to buy in the UK, yet, apparently BECCA are working on it. I tortured myself for weeks and weeks with thoughts of ordering from America but the postage cost nearly as much as the item itself, mainly because of the tax, good old Great Britain and I struggled with the justification. Anyway to cut along story short I caved and ordered it at Sephora and it arrived so quickly, praise the Lord. I guess I was lucky to get one as it's been so popular and kept on selling out the minute the stocks were replenished.

BECCA Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop shimmering skin perfector

This palette packs some serious punch in the shimmer department, but it's not frosted or glittery which is what I was a little worried about, and being older I didn't want it to sit in my pores and lines but I needn't have worried about that either. It's a soft white gold shade with pinky peach undertones. BECCA say the formula has ultra fine luminescent 'pearls' that adjust to your skins own natural undertones giving you that unique glow. It certainly gives my skin the most beautiful radiance and brings my face to life however you do have to be very careful not to use too much, which is a good thing I suppose as it will last longer, I just use a flat brush to dab onto the tops of my cheeks as it's very pigmented anyway, and blend, I wouldn't dive in with a big powder brush as it's a very soft powder and you'll pick up way too much, wasting a huge amount along the way. A light hand is definitely needed with this one, and just build slowly. 

BECCA Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop shimmering skin perfector

I have no regrets buying this, and I'd even go as far as saying it's the best thing in my makeup kit right now! When I say in my kit, it actually stays in my bathroom as apparently it does not travel well, and after paying so much and being so in love I will not risk it getting smashed, that was one of things I worried about when it was on it's long journey from the USA to me, apparently Tanya Burr's arrived from Sephora in tiny pieces, we're not best pals Tan and I, sadly, incase you were wondering, Twitter tells me these things.  So, take heed folks, if you have to take it anywhere make sure it's packed well and DO NOT drop it!!! 

I'm hoping that by the time I need to re-purchase it will be available over here but in the meantime if you're interested and thinking of splurging you can get it here. Oh and by the way, do you watch Jaclyn's Youtube videos? If not, you so should. 

Are you a highlighter fan? What's your go-to brand at the moment? 


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  1. I want this now! It sounds amazing and I love a bit of shimmer haha! I may have to pick one up when I go to NYC in Feb! I'll take some bubble wrap with me too lol! x x



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