Soap & Glory Instant sunkissed tint body lotion

Soap & Glory Righteous butter instant tan body lotion self tan beauty

With the weather being so damn shitty in the UK (nothing new there) and totally not being able to make up its mind if we'll have a summer or not, I think I can safely say none of us will be getting a decent tan any time soon, unless you're jetting off to sunnier climes of course. So what better time to tell you about this little beaut. 

Soap & Glory Righteous butter instant tan body lotion self tan beauty

Emily bought me the huge Soap & Glory goodie box that comes round every Christmas and I was chuffed to bits to receive it, even if she may have used a lot of the stuff in it herself (that's daughters for ya!) However, she obviously didn't spot this at the back of the cupboard, and neither did I till the other day, I'd forgotten about to be honest.

I love a self tan as much as the next but sometimes it's a bit of a ball ache to apply, just too much hassle. Tuesday morning, I'd just got up, legs as lily white as ever so I thought yep, get that instant tan on my pins. I've used a couple of these instant tanners before from different brands but they've all been a bit orangey, streaky and wore off real quick so I didn't hold out much hope for this one. How wrong was I?!

Soap & Glory Righteous butter instant tan body lotion self tan beauty


It's so easy to apply. Just pop it on and rub in as you would any other body lotion, it blends in really well, and most importantly it goes on evenly which makes it look more natural and of course you can see the colour immediately. It contains moisturising shea butter and a frangipani flower infusion, which makes it smell quite tropical. The fragrance is nice, not my favourite, but it will absolutely not put me off using it. It says to leave it 2-3 minutes 'to set' before getting dressed. It does stay tacky for a while so I left mine a lot longer than 3 minutes, I left my legs bare for about half an hour or so before getting dressed, it should be fine if you don't have half an hour but that's just my preference. 5-10 minutes should be perfectly fine, I think it just feels tacky still as it's a nourishing body lotion too after all!

I love it

You can see it on one leg in the picture below and boy what a difference. It's not going to give you a deep, dark tan but what it will do is give you a light, natural tan and for me that's the way to go, I think it looks more realistic. I'll probably use this mostly on my legs as no matter what I do they just don't seem to tan and they're always so pale compared to the rest of my body!

Soap & Glory Righteous butter instant tan body lotion self tan beauty


Wash your hands immediately!!!!!!! I repeat, wash immediately. Although this is a wash off, wear for the day tanning product it will stain your hands albeit for a short time, but not like a proper self tan lotion that will stain hands for days. It does scrub off after a few attempts, however it certainly doesn't just wash away. You can see in the shot below my fingertips are still stained and this was after about 3/4 washes. I used it again this morning and tried applying it with a tanning mitt but that soaks up too much of the product. I then tried a latex glove and this seemed to work ok, leaving clean hands. If you're using this before a special occasion or night out, and don't have a mitt or glove, apply early enough to leave time to wash your hands several times!! Oh, another tip, I tried a small amount of sugar on wet hands and scrubbed it off that way, leaves hands nice and soft afterwards too. Don't go drying your hands on your white towels folks!

Results/Final thoughts

This is one of the best instant tanners I have used to date. As I said above, easy to apply and gives you a gorgeous natural colour. When I tried this the other day, I did think that perhaps it was too good to be true and it probably wouldn't last very long on the skin. Wrong. This stayed on all day, and all night, right up until I showered it off around midnight. I purposely wore cut off jeans too to test it and see if it rubbed off during all the walking around town I was doing. I couldn't see much transfer onto clothing but that's not to say it won't on light or white clothing. I can't vouch for that, so you'd have to see for yourself on that one. Perhaps let me know.

I will be reaching for this all summer long, I know I will, perhaps to the point of addiction. In fact I have just placed an order on the Boots 3for2 offer before it sells out. I ordered on line because I couldn't see it in store today, so not sure if this is just an online product. You'll find details here if you're interested.

Have you used an instant self tanner? 



  1. I'll definitely be giving this a try! I do have very white legs! Jemma x

    1. You must. Would love to hear your thoughts on it Jemma x

  2. Sounds fab! Think I'm gonna have to stock up when I move back lol!


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