My trial of Silidyn is over so let me tell you what I think

Silidyn review silicon supplement rio health lifestyle Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

My 8 weeks are up so let's talk about Silidyn* again shall we? This tiny bottle of liquid silicon is said to provide benefits to hair, skin, nails, connective tissue and bones. You can read my last post here and that kinda tells you a bit about Silicon itself and why a supplement like this is good to take. 

Liquid silicon 

The bottle last 8-10 weeks and you take it daily, adding 8/10 drops to water, juice or even your morning tea or coffee. It's so easy to take with virtually no taste. 

As I've gotten older, and especially in the last couple of years I've noticed my hair grows at a snails pace, if at all, and my nails, well, they've always been an issue. They are so awful, they break so easily meaning they never get to any decent length and they flake like there's no tomorrow! Crap basically. 

I've also got rheumatoid arthritis as you'll see from the previous post, so was really intrigued to see if this would help my bones and joints in any way, a big ask in my opinion. 

Silidyn review silicon supplement rio health lifestyle Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog


So what you all want to know is if this little bottle of stuff actually works? My immediate answer is yes it does. However, that answer only refers to my hair and nails. You see, for the last, I'd say 6 weeks I've been poorly with a right shitty virus, cough and cold, so I can't tell you if this truly had any effect on my bones and joints because no amount of Silidyn even by the bucket load would have eased the aches and pains and general lethargy I had with the virus. The same goes for the effects on my skin. My skin has been off the scale horrendous whilst I've been ill, dry, dull, no scrap that, grey, yet with so many spots, seriously SO many spots I could have cried. Sadly, I can't give you a true verdict on the joints and skin which are the things I was hoping to see an improvement in the most :(

I can however tell you that I've certainly seen an improvement in my hair and my nails. As I said my nails just don't grow, but at around 6 weeks in to taking Silidyn I started to notice a real difference, they'd become a lot stronger and I was finding they weren't flaking or breaking like they used to and boy they've grown. If you look at my nails in the first picture you can see they look healthy and strong, some may think not particularly long, but trust me these are long for me!

My hair has grown too, not massively, but I can notice a difference in the length. It's also become stronger as well and I've not had quite as much breakage which is fantastic. My hair seems glossier and fuller somehow.

Silidyn review silicon supplement rio health lifestyle Priceless Life of Mine Over 40 lifestyle blog

So, whilst it's not delivered the full set of results I was hoping for, it's not really the fault of Silidyn, it's because of the rotten virus. I mean there's no saying if I wasn't poorly it would have made a massive difference to my joints and skin anyway but I'll never know, although I am actually thinking of buying another bottle and giving it another 8 weeks. 

If you're interested in Silidyn and want to know more you find that here and they still have the offer on here which is buy one get one free. 


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  1. Sounds interesting especially about the hair and nails! My nails are exactly the same, constanly breaking and flaking and you know I want my hair to grow out already haha... do you think it's a good price for it's results? xxx


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