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Playtex lingerie set \ plum colour \ floral lace \ underwired bra \ brazilian briefs

I was a little unsure of how to bring this post to you and style this lingerie set that was very kindly gifted to me by Playtex*. A flat lay was what first came to mind but then I thought that doesn't actually bring the lingerie to life so you can see it properly does it? Having just turned 49 I wasn't sure either that I should be flaunting myself all over the internet [again] in my bra and knickers but then I thought, I've done it before when I wrote the post about feeling sexy in your forties, okay not so much belly on show in that one, so what the hell, might as well do it again, in for a penny..........

Then came the question, "what do I write about whilst parading in my underwear?" [I don't mean I was actually parading around or sitting at the desk in my underwear whilst writing this.] Yep, I know, confidence! I mean you've got to be a little bit confident to put yourself out there in your smalls right?!

Playtex lingerie set \ plum colour \ floral lace \ underwired bra \ brazilian briefs

I had so many wonderful comments on that last post it gave my confidence the biggest boost and a smile from ear to ear. Without a doubt I've definitely become more confident in my forties than I ever was in my twenties and thirties. I guess more experienced on life in general, I know what I want and where I'm going. Well, most of the time. Okay then, just some of the time, but then confidence is a funny old thing isn't it? Often different from one day to the next.

Some days I think I've got this confidence thing nailed. Others I most certainly do not.

Some days I feel I could take on the world I'm that confident, feeling all sassy and sexy, and crossing those things off my to-do list like there's no tomorrow, but then the very next day, BOOM - back down to earth and searching high and low for my confidence!

It can take just one little thing though can't it? A misplaced comment from someone, tiredness, bad day at work, a spot, outfit not looking right, bad hair day, anything and then the struggle is real, and I think we all suffer with those days don't we, nobody can be totally confident every single day. Can they? The thing that knocks my confidence the most? A bad skin day. I'm still getting plenty of those, perhaps even more so in my forties, and I HATE it - yes in shouty, bold capitals. I know it sounds pathetic but some days it makes me want to hide away and not go anywhere; I think unless you've suffered with bad skin you can't understand how it affects someone. Bloody hormones play havoc early on in your life and then later in life too, the things we women have to contend with! 

I used to be quite shy, lacking confidence and often worried what people thought of me and what I looked like. Now, I couldn't give a monkeys! I dress for me and don't care what others think. Some may say at my age I should be covering up, wearing a twin set and pearls and getting my hair cut short. Balls to that. I'll wear what I like and I'll never dress age appropriately, what even is that? Dressing for your age doesn't exist in my head and why should we ladies hey? Wearing what you like and feeling confident in your outfit is important and if you see someone and you think they look great, please tell them, because that will give them the biggest confidence boost EVER and make their day. Makes you feel pretty good too, spreading the love around. Gone off on a slight tangent there but clothing can affect your confidence massively can't it and let's say, if I'm going out and I get my outfit bang on, I stand there looking in the mirror, and can see that confidence oozing out of every pore and ain't nothing or no one gonna stand in my way baby!

I've just become more confident as I've got older and I also think blogging has helped a lot too. Attending events on my own, forcing myself to talk to people and stepping out of my comfort zone, although they can chip away at your confidence a little if no-one talks to you at said events!!!

Playtex lingerie set \ plum colour \ floral lace \ underwired bra \ brazilian briefs

Anyway.........I've waffled a bit I know but the gist of this conversation is that taking these photos got my confidence levels right back up there, because I think it's alright for me to say they've come out okay, and doing a photoshoot in such pretty lingerie [with a lace kimono strategically placed mind] makes you feel bloody fabulous and sexy and confident!

So let's talk about the beautiful lace set that's given me a boost in more ways than one! It's funny how certain things stick in your head from your childhood and teenage years. Cross Your heart bras by Playtex are right up there. They were around before I was even born with the brand starting way back in 1947. Do you remember the TV advert? If you're from my generation you'll remember it well. [SMASH with the tin head aliens is another]. I can see it now; the first brand to mention lingerie on TV with the bra that 'lifts and separates'. I think every woman and young girl owned at least one cross your heart stylish bra and in 2018 they're still going strong. They do still sell the iconic cross your heart bra but they've moved with the times, designing the most super stylish collections.

This set in a deep plum colour is from the Flower Elegance collection. It's an underwired bra but not padded, not something I'd usually buy, I normally go for all the wiring, all the padding, the whole shebang [need all the help I can get] but I find this bra super comfortable and even without the padding it still give me a good lift! The Brazilian briefs are lovely too; both items can be bought separately. The floral lace and the little bow detailing gives it a feminine finishing touch.   

If you want top quality from a brand that know what they're doing and what women want, take a look at the Playtex website here. You'll also find them stocked at JD Williams here. The fact that they've been going for so many years says it all really. No matter what style you like they have something to make everyone feel confident and of course sexy!

Any top tips for giving your confidence a boost? 

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  1. I like the photos you've chosen in this post, they really show the product up close and I love how you're feeling much more confident now too

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk


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