r-Retinoate eye system from Medik8

It's been a little while since I talked beauty so here I am with a product from Medik8. The r-Retinoate eye system.*

I was kindly gifted this product from the lovely ladies at Dermacare Direct. One of my big problem areas are my eyes so I was thrilled to receive this.

So, let's get down to business. This little box contains an intense 4 week eye treatment to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There's a rejuvenating eye serum, 2 lots of micro channel patches and 2 lots of bio-cellulose patches.

The eye serum is formulated with encapsulated retinyl retinoate (a brand new form of vitamin A researched and patented by Medik8 scientists) and multi-weight hyaluronic acid to sink deep into the skin to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles and deliver optimum results in a short space of time. Promising a lot hey?! 

The micro channel patches have pure hyaluronic micro points that create tiny pathways through the skin when you apply them to the under eye area. You have to wear them overnight and the micro points dissolve and remain within the skin, helping to nourish and firm.

The Bio-Cellulose patches are also infused with hyaluronic acid and they help hydrate the upper layers of skin. Helping to hydrate, refresh and rejuvenate. 

Now, I'm going to hold my hands up here and tell you that I can't find my before & after photos. I only took two but I've trawled my phone and computer and cannot find them. I'm gutted. I think I lost a batch of photos on my phone and they were in that batch :( Note to self: get iCloud sorted!

Week 1 & 3

As I said this is a 4 week programme that you use just once a week. I planned mine for my Sunday evening. You start with the serum that comes in a pen style applicator, and a set of the micro channel patches. You apply the serum to clean skin using the soft applicator around the eye contour, you can massage the area slightly here to help with lymphatic drainage then you apply the patches. They come in a sealed packet so you open that up and take off the protective film taking care not to touch the micro channels. I found these a little tricky to apply and hard not to wrinkle my skin as I put them on. You kind of have to position them right first time, as you don't want to be lifting them off and putting them back on several times, and you certainly don't want to try and glide them across the skin!!! They're kind of prickly, that's all the micro channels, but not uncomfortable in any way. You need to pat them with your finger to make sure there are no air pockets underneath. All done. Jump into bed!

I cannot lie, they're not the most comfortable things to sleep in and I was desperate to get them off in the morning. Once removed you apply more of the serum, massaging lightly in a circular motion and then continue with your regular skincare and makeup.

Week 2 & 4

Week two and 4 follow the same pattern but instead of the micro channel patches you use the bio cellulose patches. These are not overnight patches though, you only need to wear these for 20 minutes. The bio cellulose film on these act a second skin to trap moisture and they certainly leave your under eye refreshed and hydrated. The following morning apply the serum again. The serum is really gentle and lightweight and even though I used the correct amounts (12 clicks of the pen per eye) I had a fair bit left over which I continued using after I finished the four week programme.  Bonus.


My thoughts

So, I can't say that wearing the patches overnight is particularly enjoyable, and I think it actually disturbed my sleep to a point [we'll put up with all sorts in the name of beauty though won't we?!] but overall I had good results with this eye system. I didn't notice any massive improvement straight away, you know, after the first week, but I remember looking in the mirror one morning shortly after finishing the whole treatment and being surprised by the improvement. Lines and wrinkles hadn't disappeared but there was a noticeable difference in the depth of the lines, they all seemed somewhat softer and it took me by surprise a little bit, I don't know why because I was obviously hoping for some change but it kind of crept up on me and all of a sudden I could notice it, if that makes sense?! The skin under my eyes looked slightly less crepey and there was a definite improvement in hydration. 

Still gutted I can't find my photos but you can find some before & afters on the Medik8 website. Overall, I'm impressed with this system and I did see a change for the better. It's not going to make those lines and wrinkles go away completely, you need a regular retinol to help with that, and even then retinol is not a magic wand! I'd say if your budget allows, because this is at a premium price point, then go for it. It would be ideal if you had a special occasion coming up that's for sure. 

If you're interested in this product or just want to know more you'll find all the info here.

*This item was gifted but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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