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I am rapidly approaching 50. Yep, 50 years of age. How the hell did this happen? Seems like only 5 minutes ago I was celebrating my 30th birthday. It doesn't bother me in the slightest to be fair, just wish time would slow down a little that's all.

This fashion post is kind of related to age, in a roundabout way because I debated for so long on whether to order this top or not. You probably know of the collaboration that Lorna Luxe has done with In The Style, a collection of staple knitwear pieces, classic tailoring and statement dresses. Well, I've seen so many people styling her items all over social media and the majority are all spring chickens, compared to me anyway, so there was that thought going round in my head that I'm too old to be flaunting myself in any of her beautiful pieces. I held that thought for all of five seconds and then gave myself a slap! What was I thinking? If I feel good and comfortable then I'll wear it.  

Practically perfect wrap top by Lorna Luxe styled with high waisted trousers and sandals

And, I have to say who knew I suited blue!!! I've never had anything blue in my wardrobe until now. I now have these trousers, this porcelain blue wrap top and a cornflower blue light knit!! Oh and only yesterday went out and bought a light blue wrap dress for the summer. A lot of people do those colour consultations don't they, I think that's what they're called, where a stylist comes along and works out what colour suits you, with some sort of colour wheel or something, may have just totally made that last bit up :D. I've always avoided blue, not even sure why, just didn't like it but now I've realised it suits my skin tone. Who needs a colour consultant?! 

Practically perfect wrap top by Lorna Luxe styled with high waisted trousers and sandals

Anyway, back to the Practically Perfect Porcelain Wrap Top. I'll put my hands up and say I forgot to take the black belt to go with the trousers, kind of sets off the whole look a bit more. BIG blogger fail but had to continue with getting the pics as never sure when Nick's next available! Every time I look at the photos though I get so annoyed with myself. I even thought about not positing this but then they'd go to waste. 

Practically perfect wrap top close up of pattern and tie waist

I adore the print on this and the big puff sleeves. I ordered two sizes as wasn't sure. I'm normally an 8 but that gaped a little too much around the bust, not quite enough fabric to wrap, so stuck with the size 10. It's a cropped length but I can get away with it with high waisted trousers, one thing I'm definitely too old for is showing too much tummy. No-one wants to see that!!

Practically perfect wrap top by Lorna Luxe styled with high waisted trousers and sandals

It's the perfect top for dressing up or down, looks equally good with jeans and heels. I haven't worn it much yet though so need to get some nights out planned I think!

Practically perfect wrap top by Lorna Luxe styled with high waisted trousers and sandals

It's funny because I feel like I've found my style more as I've gotten older, I got a bit more trendy as I hit my thirties I think. Don't get me wrong, I'm never gonna win any awards in the style stakes but I just know what I like and what suits me and I actually get a lot of inspiration from lots of people I follow on Instagram, including Lorna. 

Lorna has infact just added more items to her collection so if you fancy a look you'll find it right here.

P.S - I'm still so annoyed with myself for forgetting the belt-just doesn't look right :( 

I've linked the top obviously, the trousers are from Primark and my gorgeous beaded bag is from Zara, last summer but I've linked similar items below. 


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