Day One!

Well, here goes..........my very first blog post. Gulp! Why do I feel so nervous? It's only a blog for goodness sake I hear you say but I am putting myself out there for the whole wide world to see! I'm actually sitting here with a huge bar of my favourite chocolate and a coffee as I feel it may help to give me a little inspiration to type my first entry.

I've thought about starting a blog for a little while but for some reason haven't plucked up the courage to do it. I'm afraid to say although I love looking on the social network sites, being the nosey parker that I am, I don't have any background techno knowledge. I did a bit of research, only a bit mind you cos when I set my mind on something I don't really want to spend time thinking about it I just want to get going, phah.... I can research along the way, or so I thought.

It all started out quite well, the usual mumbling away to myself, quite happily trying to work it all out but then it went downhill rapidly.......and resulted in this.....

Shouting at your computer doesn't help by the way! It just totally ignores you, so rude. I'm sad to say it then progressed to this......

A hammer doesn't help either...........

 And I very nearly did this..........

However, I am feeling chuffed to bits and so bloomin proud of myself that I have actually managed to put together this blog. It may not be up to a professional standard, or oozing style, sophistication or stunning photography but hey...I did it!!! Me, all by myself. I'm putting aside the fact that because I've spent sooooo much time trying to get my little baby up and running, my husband thinks I've left him, although I think he secretly loves it when he can be sprawled out on the sofa or the bed with the tv zapper in his hand watching whatever takes his fancy.

Now I'm may not be one of these people that post everyday but I'll be here as often as I can to share my thoughts, document the goings-on, and hopefully get some feedback and generally swop tips and ideas with you guys.

Give my blog some lovin people!!!


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