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I can't really believe it's that time of year, Guy Fawkes is here again and people are busy stuffing their guys and building bonfires. Halloween pretty much passed me by so I was looking forward to going to our usual firework display which we go to every year, usually with family and friends but unusually this year they were off doing other things, which is a shame because it is truly amazing, ok so I am a bit of a firework fiend! I just love um. So it was down to me and Mr C to go for a romantic night out watching the fireworks with a few hundred other folk!!!!!

Just had to kick off with a hot chocolate before the start of the main event.

Get ready for the spectacular full of colour, whizzes and sparkle!

Sorry about the photo quality but it's quite difficult to capture something when it disappears from your very eyes within a few seconds

I stood with a smile stuck to my face like a little kid through the whole performance.

Everyone was wrapped up warm with hats, scarves, and gloves and of course the obligatory sparklers were everywhere around. The little kiddie winks were one of two things, they were either so excited and were waving their sparkly stick here, there and everywhere frantically trying to spell out their name before it fizzled out or they were petrified by the strange sparkly thing in their hand and wanted to get rid quick smart, either way it was very amusing to watch.

It makes me feel quite sad that our kids are all grown up and don't get so excited about these things anymore, they do still come with us but they were out with friends this year. After all the excitement all that was left for me and Mr C to do was toddle off home, serve up the traditional jacket spuds (bonfire grub of course) and then settle down with a glass (or two) of something alcoholic!


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