Christmas at home

I can now officially say that after going to London at the weekend and then putting up the trees and decorations at home I have found my Christmas sparkle. Hooray!  A little late for me I have to say but better late than never. My excitement is normally building mid to late November but to be honest I've been so busy with work and setting up this blog that I haven't really thought about it.  I think being in London on the 1st December and going to Winter Wonderland is what did it, all that mulled wine, decorations, carols playing, ice skating, and yummy food, whoah, getting excited now, and even though Tom and Emily are now teenagers me and Nick still love it, sometimes I think even more so than the kids!

This year we are having both sets of parents over on Christmas day. They actually get on so well and sometimes will come for Sunday lunch together but we've never had both sets of parents on the big day. Nick is over the moon that his parents are coming and is really looking forward to it, and keeps saying what a special day it will be, and I agree but I'm getting tired already just thinking of the day with the prep and work that's ahead.

Starting with one of these little fellas!

Hmmm....Not sure mine looks like that though...

It know it will  be a great day but I'm a real perfectionist and I like to plan and have lists, lots of lists! I drive the other half mad because I have a list for everything, its the only way to go ya know. It's like a military operation planning the table, with space for table decs, table pressies for everyone, crackers, space for extra food, especially the roast potatoes, yum, (I could just have a plate of those on their own) and enough space to squeeze everyone in so they've got enough elbow and cracker pulling room! Oh no forgot we also need oodles of space for the most important thing, bottles of fizz! 

Yikes! Glad I'm not cooking for that many. This table looks stunning though.

I came across this idea and want to use it for my chairs. I really want to make the effort with this one as again, it's relatively cheap, doesn't have to be top quality ribbon, but looks fab and can match any colour scheme.

I just have to have candles on my table too and these ideas are really simple but so effective.

Or even try this with a simple cake stand, throw on lots of cheap baubles, add a candle and voila!

Or this one

I love looking for different ideas for the festivities and recently came across Pinterest. I know, I know you've never heard of it. Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organising all the things you love, where you can pin or re-pin photos or all you favourite things, make a wish list, plan a trip, plan your projects or an event in your life like a special party, wedding, christening, you get the gist.... you pull together all your ideas and create your own pin boards. 

When you've finished reading this, click this Pinterest link and it will take you to my page. Please register, click to follow me and then I can follow you right back, create your own boards and then I can check out what you're up to!

I found these cute little things on there 

I hope these little ideas have started to ignite your xmas sparkle and over the next few days I will be doing a post on how to make some fabulous paper snowflakes, no, not like the ones we used to cut out when we were at school, these are much more fancy! 

Don't forget to get yourself on Pinterest, it's great fun and you can find inspiration for absolutely anything. Oh and if you have the slightest inkling to leave me a comment or your ideas please do so, I don't bite!


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