I know I have neglected you all over the last week and I'm sorry! I've been very busy what with Christmas around the corner and I'm sure you've all been busy too getting those things crossed off your list.

The other half and I did manage to sneak in a cheeky couple of days away for a bit of R&R in medieval Shrewsbury, that's in a County called Shropshire for my overseas friends. Our kids are now old enough to look after themselves so we can actually just take off when the mood takes us, and the budget allows of course!

Why Shrewsbury? Well, the two of us actually went there about 20 years ago on a murder mystery weekend of all things and fell in love with the place, with all the black and white higgeldy piggeldy buildings and narrow winding streets with the rather funny names like 'Grope Lane, Butchers Row and Fish Street'. Yep...can understand what may have been sold in Butchers Row and Fish Street but Grope Lane..............???
I have to say we were both a little disappointed with the town and should have left our memories intact. I think its probably the same whenever you visit a place that has special memories especially 20 years later, we just expected it to be the same as it was then, but we've changed and moved on and so has Shrewsbury.
We actually had a guided tour the last time and so this visit we were interested in walking around the town to find the places of historical interest ourselves. We could see the buildings had plaques and were numbered. Easy? No no really. The tourist office told us these numbered plaques were now out of date and they had no info sheets or anything they could give us with all the detailed info of the building!!!!!! Helpful..... Sadly not.

Undeterred we set off and made do with just looking and reading whatever we could find on the walls. Here's some snapshots from day 1.

Thought about trying to get around on one of  these!

Wyle cop

I have to admit there are lots of gorgeous little shops, cafes and bars tucked away in the crooked passageways that criss cross the town.

We had planned to go to the Lion Hotel where we stayed all those years ago, for afternoon tea but the staff were not very welcoming at all so we about turned, peeped down a little alleyway near the hotel and found this little gem. Henry Tudor House.

The staff were most welcoming and friendly and nothing was too much trouble for the young waiter/barman that served us. For me fantastic service is key and is the main factor for me going back for a second visit. You can pop in here for a coffee, afternoon tea, or full on meal. We opted for the sandwich menu.

I chose Piri Piri chicken with coriander mayo
Mr C had Tuna, red onion, basil and black olive 
I have to be honest here folks, that's what I actually chose but fancied the chicken more so good old Mr C swopped!! Bless. 

Both of these came with yummy hand cut chips, salad and celeriac remoulade.

The food was fab and of course had to be washed down with a cheeky glass or two! 

This little hideaway is well worth a visit and they have live music every Friday in the great music hall which they said is very popular and ticket only. 

Personally I would have been quite happy to stay all afternoon but Mr C had his coat on ready and  reminded me that we had to do the tourist-y thing and get moving. I was all cosy and warm inside, erm..was that the alcohol?  Okay, if I really have to onwards and upwards.
So we went here

Breathtaking St Marys church

And a bit of mooching around here and there

My feet could take no more, so guess what? Back to the hotel for brief rest,(very brief!) and then oh out to eat again. We were still quite full from lunch so opted for pizza. A large one each at that!

Started with a sparkly aperitif, proseco para mi and an Aperol proseco spritzer para mi marido, oh no that's spanish, if I've spelt it right it is, but I don't know Italian, sorry! Our lovely waiter recommended the Aperol, great choice, I have to get some for home. Quite a bitter taste but ooh so delicious.
Don't you just love it when a true Italian waiter serves your pizza and you can barely understand a word he's saying! 

Oops, dived right in before taking the pic.
Mmmm.... more Aperol spritzers and Limoncello to finito! Oh yeah forgot to mention the finger licking cinnamon dough balls with vanilla cream for pud.
We could do no more than waddle back to the hotel to sleep it all off. 

Day Two and off to look around the grounds of Shrewsbury Castle which looked stunning in the winter sunshine.

Welcome to my new crib!

 On top of the world!

Whilst on top of the world we decided it was time to say cheerio to Shrewsbury. We had fun, we really did, despite the fact that you weren't quite the same as when we came to see you last, but we still love you and who knows we may return when we are old and grey, helping each other around your cobbled streets with our walking sticks. We will have grown older but our memories of you will be our lasting treasure and the history of our lives entwined with the history and mystery of yours.



  1. Mrs Canham you should be 20 stone with all the food you put away! !

    1. I know! Shall carry on over the festive period and then the fitness regime starts in the New Year. On that note where's the dairy milk!!!!!


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