My first Glamour Beauty Edit Box

Happy bank holiday people!!!

Sorry if it's not a bank holiday for you where you are or you've got to work. I thought I'd brighten up everyones Monday by letting you have a peek inside my first ever Glamour Beauty Edit box from Latest in Beauty. I was so excited to order it and even more excited when it landed on my doorstep! Couldn't wait to get my sticky mitts on it! 

Alessandra Steinherr is the Beauty Director for Glamour Magazine, of which I am a subscriber, so I knew this little lot was going to be good. 

Packaged so beautifully. Want to see what I got?
Jam packed with goodies.
Bourjois cream blush 01: I'm a fan of cream blusher and this one is lovely. It looks quite orangey in the photo but it really is a nice peachy shade and is really subtle and natural when its on your cheeks. 
Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick: Sticking with neutrals, a fab shade of lipstick from Illamasqua. Every girl needs a nude lipstick and I really wanted to try this. It's from their Glamore Nude Collection. I do like it and have been wearing it, but I would have preferred a slightly lighter shade maybe. Bizarrely this lipstick seems to have found its way into Em's make up bag!!!!! It will admit it does look a little better on her. 
Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip: My hair is pretty flat and lifeless when left to its own devices so hoped this product would give it a little bit of oomph! It's supposed to give you all day body and bounce without flyaways! The first time I used it I think I over did it and used too much product because it was really flat when dry and you could still feel the greasy texture on the hair. Second time around I used less and it dried ok. I don't think it gave me masses of volume but it certainly did feel 'bouncy'! That's the great thing about these boxes, you get to try smaller/sample sizes of products that you wouldn't necessarily go out and buy. Although this is actually full size. 
Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant tan BB Skin Perfector: I love a good self tan. I'm quite pale skinned with freckles so tanning naturally doesn't come easy to me ( and it's not good for your skin obvs) so I often use one, if I'm not in lazy mode that is. When I took this out of the box with the tanning mitt I thought it was an instant tan for the body, you know having the mitt and all, but not so. Stupidly it took some time for it to register that it said BB cream in big orange letters across the front of the tube, yep it's for the face! Now, I've not used an instant tan for the face before so gave it a go this morning and I LUURVE it! It looked a bit dark when I first applied it,but it blended easily and once it had adjusted to my skin it left it with a wonderful healthy glow, and my skin feels so soft. I will say that I did also apply a bit of foundation over the top once it had totally dried as I'm certainly not someone who can venture out without it and it still looked fine. Out of all of the items this is one I will most definitely buy. Still a little confused as to what the tanning mitt was in there for. Just a little bonus I guess. 
Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra radiance Sun lotion SPF30: Isn't this just the cutest tube of sun tan lotion you've ever seen? And boy does it smell heavenly! I've never used Hawaiian tropic before. I'm hoping to go away for a week somewhere hot at the beginning of September and with this being 100ml size it's perfect to take along with me. How lucky am I that it came in this box? 
DHC Deep cleansing oil: Another product I've not used before. I've certainly never used an oil as a cleanser. It contains vitamin E and hydrating olive oil to unclog pores and get rid of dirt and grime. I know oils often seem quite scary to use for some people, especially for people with oily skin, like me, but I've used them more and more and they don't make the skin more oily they actually help to balance it out. I'll give this a go and keep you posted.
Crabtree & Evelyn Nail lacquer: The beauty box included either a bottle of pink or red nail polish and I'm so glad I got red. I have tonnes of pink already in my collection and everyone loves a classic red, right?  Forgive the shade of pink on my nails in the shot but it's gel so couldn't just whip it off to take a photo. I did however, try this colour as soon as the box arrived and love the deep shade of red. I had it on over a busy weekend and it really stayed put. 
Magnifibres Brush-on false lashes: I was mega excited to try this thinking it was going to give me an instant false lash effect. I will be really honest here and say that I found it a little fiddly and some of the fibres went into my eyes!! Despite that I persevered with it and applied as directed. You apply mascara, then the fibres, then another coat of mascara.  I'm not thrilled with the results and don't think it made my lashes look any longer than they do with just my normal mascara, but I will give it another go. 

All in all I am really thrilled with the contents of my first beauty box and I will definitely order another. In fact, even though summer will be over before we know it *sob* I've already got my eye on their Hip and Healthy Summer Glow box, well I have still got a holiday to go on you know.

The total value of this beauty box is £86.15 and I paid £16.95, so truly great value for money. The lipstick alone costs more than the price of the box, and I will 100% use all of the products in there. I've seen reviews of other boxes out there and always been reluctant to order as I don't want to end up with more unloved products just thrown in the drawer. The other thing I love about Latest In Beauty is that there's no monthly subscription, you just order your box as and when you want one! Massive bonus as far as I'm concerned. If you don't fancy the current Latest In Beauty box you can even put together your own! How amazing is that? Why not take a look yourself at the options from Latest In beauty here. You'll not be disappointed.

Do you like beauty boxes? What's your favourite? 



  1. Always like to see the contents of these boxes. I got the same Bourjois blusher in the recent British Beauty Blogger box, and absolutely love it - it's my daily go-to blusher now. The cleansing oil sounds interesting, too.
    Caroline x

  2. Hi Caroline.
    Thanks for taking a peek. I love to see what other people get in their boxes too, it's the nosey parker thing kicking in but it helps so much with what I might purchase next. I'm real pleased I got this blusher, it's such a natural shade and definitely coming on holiday with me next week! x


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