Never done cycling on a Saturday.

If we go out on our bikes it's usually on a Sunday as we generally don't have anything on so are free to be out all day. As we're professional bikers now we wanted to get out and get fit this weekend for sure. The weather people were telling us Saturday was likely to be better than Sunday so yesterday after a bit of brunch we set off.

Again we headed for somewhere local, Watermead Country Park. We cycled from home through the next village and into Cossington. The cycle route took us along the tow path and into Watermead.

Watermead Country Park is a network of over 12 lakes and smaller ponds in the valley of the River Soar and the old Grand Union Canal. There are wildflower meadows, woodland, grassland and reedbeds. It is an ideal spot for walking, cycling, picnics, bird watching, and fishing and has something for everyone.
The tow path is quite wide here and no problem when passing other cyclists or walkers, but it narrows in various places and one wobble and you're in! I talk of other cyclists and walkers but try and dodge a dog thats bounding towards you, well, it could go either way, you just gotta hope for the best.
We met lots of new friends along the way............
Arrggh yeah good old scratch of the backside!
Not sure how Mr Piggy here could see where on earth he was going with those big ears flopping over his peepers but he managed to make his way towards us thinking we'd come with food. Big letdown!
He graced us with a few snouty grunts
and then trottered off!!!!! 
Funnily enough these feathered friends also assumed we'd bought grub and started to surround us rather quickly. Do you get a bit freaked when birds, of any kind, have you cornered? 
I know the sky looks rather angry here but it wasn't a bad day at all, it was just a little cloudy but the sun did make quite a few guest appearances.
There's a jurassic play trail, great for kids of all ages, bit too late to help this big kid though, he's a gonner!
Of course we had to have the usual pit stop for life saving refreshments, and yes, before you say anything there were only two of us, not three, Mr C can't count! 
This is life saving refreshments pit stop number one.
This is life saving refreshment pit stop number two. Well the route home was through an entirely different village so we had to check out the public house, we hadn't been there before not ever, ever, ever, much.
Here's the obligatory shot of Mr C's brand spanking new bicycle, he'd kill me if I didn't get it in. It's a Rockrider 6.5 and he's passionately in love with it.
Stopped to watch a bit of cricket on the way home and that was that.
First Saturday ride out done. It made such a nice change to running errands, shopping and all that jazz. We cycled 13.88 miles and it was tough going on the last leg home for me I must say, joints were aching and riding into the blustery wind was not good, but I made it home without having to stop. Great achievement for me.

We were hoping to get out again today, cycling to Bradgate Park but the weather wasn't great so we'll save that for another day.

Do you cycle? If not, would you like to? What are your routes? Mr C and I would love to hear all about it please in the comments box in the hope it will give us ideas for locations further afield. Ta. 



  1. Thanks Julie, we are blessed to have so many great locations close to where we live but definitely want to start going further afield. You should get bikes, if I lived where you do I would be out every day riding along the beach, it looks amazing! Thanks for the follow on Bloglovin, I've been following you on there for some time and love your blog, you are a very strong and inspirational lady xx

  2. Thank you. Never thought about an audio book, what a good idea! It's true what you say about clearing your head,no matter what's going on in my life all thoughts of it seems to disappear the moment I get on my bike, all I see and think about are my beautiful surroundings! xx

  3. Gorgeous pics! Loving these post! : ) x x

  4. Thanks my lovely. More will follow just hope everyone doesn't get fed up of our cycling adventures! xx


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