Lush Mint Julips lip scrub

My lips are as dry as the Sahara dessert. Truly. And it gets right on my nerves. I'm constantly wearing lipstick or balm, they're never naked! It actually makes me right grumpy when my lips are dry and shriveled and I've nothing immediately to hand to remedy the problem.

When I'm out and about I'm always re-applying my lipstick as I can't bear to have nothing on them, and I can't be grumpy when I'm out and about can I, so, I have to re-apply every five minutes, people must think I'm a right vain so-and so!

As a blogger and an avid reader of blogs I'm always hearing about Lush products but have actually NEVER tried any! I know, shocking.

Well, I've now remedied that. I read an article on the lip scrubs from Lush recently and whilst out shopping the other day I passed a Lush store, dashed right inside and bagged myself one of these little pots, in my bid to achieve soft, squidgy, kissable lips.

They have a few to choose from including Santa's lip scrub, to help get your lips mistletoe ready!! That ones on my Christmas list. I was a little torn between the popcorn one (I am a lover of popcorn) and the Mint Julips. In the end I opted for Mint Julips, the smell of the mint chocolate chip proved too irresistible, and the Lush assistant did say the mint one left you with tingly lips! SOLD.

Real sugar crystals are mixed with peppermint and vanilla and you can't help but taste bits of it as you scrub around your lips, you just want to eat it!! It's combined with peppermint oil and jojoba oil to help soften and smooth. I must say it does leave your lips feeling invigorated, smooth, and flaky bits, what flaky bits?
Lush Beauty lips scrub natural
This has earned it's place on my skin care shelf and is in use at least three times a week. I love it. I still however am on the hunt for an amazing lip balm. I've tried lots and am still waiting for one to wow me. Perhaps another trip to Lush then? 

Silly question but do you love Lush? Please tell me what your favourite Lush product is. 


  1. I absolutely love everything Lush. Do give that popcorn one a try! You'll fall in love Xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Maegan. After my first purchase, think I'm going to love everything Lush too, and I'll defo try the popcorn one x


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