Two of my favourites from Elemis and Liz Earle

You know I'm an Elemis girl at heart don't you? But, I also like to throw a bit of Liz Earle into my skin care mix too. 

I could NOT live without these two little beauties!

When I've got a spare 15 minutes of a morning (not very often BTW) I'll start off with a face scrub. Now I find this one by Elemis the best I have EVER used. The tiny granules don't irritate the skin in any way and it's so fine you'd think it wouldn't have much of an impact on all those dead skin cells. WRONG! Skin as smooth as a baby's bum. AND, you don't really have to work this on your skin, the product does it all for you really, just a gentle rub, well buff, as it's quite rightly named, is all you need to do and this one doesn't leave my skin all bright red and resembling a tomato afterwards like some 'scrubs' do. You can see in the close up shot below how tiny the granules are. It brightens, and re-energises my dull and lifeless skin. I hope all you gals out there scrub or buff on a regular basis too? 

Now the thing some of you may say with this one is that it's on the more expensive side for the size it is (£27 for 50ml) BUT, let me tell you, this little tube lasts an awfully long time. I got my last tube this July, I use it at least twice a week and I'm sure I'm not even half way through the tube, a little bit is all you need. 
Elemis Skin buff
After my buff, but not always, as I don't use two together religiously, I'll apply the Liz Earle Brightening Treatment mask. It's quite a thick consistency (shot below) and the smell reminds me of Coca cola. No one else thinks so, just me! Weirdo!  

I'm giving you advanced warning that there is a shot coming up of me with no make up and this slapped all over my face. 

If you're ready for it scroll down some more.
Liz Earle brightening mask
You were warned! 

The bottle says to leave on between 30 seconds to 2 minutes but mine ends up being on longer, more around 10 minutes to be honest whilst I'm phaffing around doing other stuff in the mornings. You feel a slight tingling sensation, this is good, don't be alarmed, it's just doing it's thing! Wash off, tone, moisturise. 

Out of all the products designed to give our skin a lift, moisturisers aside, this is my absolute favourite and I think it always will be. It seriously does what it says on the tin, a reviving, fast acting mask for instant radiance. My skin has a the most amazing dewy glow and makes me feel fabulous for the day ahead. Also, it's great value at just £14. 

So, Elemis gently buffs my skin, sloughing off those nasty dead skin cells, then Liz comes, gives me the quick fix and boost I need and I'm good to go with a skip in my step, well maybe not the last bit, they're good but they can't work miracles!!!!! 

These two products are undeniably my skin saviours. On days when I'm too scared to even look in the mirror on stepping out of my pit I know these are going to help.  

They haven't been sent for review, they are my own and I just wanted to share my opinions with you. Click here for the Skin buff and here for the brightening mask. 

What are your skin saviours? Have you tried either of these two? 


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